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Event using I/R Match keeps triggering

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  • Event using I/R Match keeps triggering

    Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong to cause a simple event based on I/R match to continually execute.
    I'm just starting on I/R with an secuIR/Ocelot/ADIOcelot. Have only learned one I/R code for one device and wanted to test how to use it. Set up an event based on I/R match trigger to that code with a wav action. When I press the remote it works fine. BUT - whenever the event is enabled it continues to trigger sporadically without the remote ( or any other ) IR signal.
    Have deleted learned signal/device, recreated, same behavior.
    If event disabled/enabled or HSPro restarted, same behavior.

    Any advice would be appreciated - probably a rookie mistake.

    Update - removed all IRLabel and IRName .ini files, re enabled ADIOcelot, used CMAX ( from ADIOcelot) to clear all locations, relearned a different code to a different location thru HS - and now it seems to work. Only Triggers when the remote is pushed. Strange that HS gives no indication that the code is learned. Don't know why it's fixed - just that it now works.
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