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Cannot get running on HS2.5.0.60

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  • Cannot get running on HS2.5.0.60

    Hey Michael
    I've been running hspi_ADIOcelot.exe for a while from the updater. I really appreciate it because it is not as burdensome on the system as the HS Ocelot plugin.

    I tried to get my relays working on my SECU-16I. I see there was an issue that came up with an HS2 update a long time ago that messed with relay control. I couldn't get .3 running with the relays using all the listed fixes in the board threads. So I am trying to run .11.

    I downloaded .11 from the sticky thread and copied over my .3.

    However upon restarting HS2 the main program freezes while initializing plugins. If I go back to .3 HS2 starts fine.

    Did I miss a step in getting .11 retrofitted over .3?

    Thanks - Bill

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