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v3.3.0 & DS9097 Troubles

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    v3.3.0 & DS9097 Troubles

    Nice setup screen! On the Interface tab, I've checked the DS9097 box and entered my comm port as 4. I can see the s/n of my three sensors on the Temp Sensor 1..12 tab but they all get assigned virtual device code R1. All other fields / tabs are at default values. Hit Update button and restart HS.

    At startup, I get one temperature reading in the HS status field of R1 but it never appears to update. Every five minutes, I do get an error "Resize Fields: Subscript out of range" in the event log.

    Also in the Event Log, I see an error immediately after the register callback. It says "InitHW: Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression 'ID='."

    When I go back into setup, I notice that the comm port entry on the Interface tab is blank. Re-enter "4". Then I relabel the virtual device codes for my sensors from R1, R1, R1 to R1, R2, R3 and reset everything. Upon restart, comm port is again blank and virtual device codes for the three sensors are reset to R1 and my R2, R3 entries follow the three R1 entries (with no sensor s/n associated with them.

    Sorry to be so long winded but I'm hoping this detail will help in troubleshooting where I went wrong setting up this fine plug-in.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    Thank you, this is very good feedback. Did you have any data in your database before V3.3.0?

    If you want to play and see if other problems may be behind these then here are some other things to bootstrap.

    1. Edit \Config\mcsTemperature.ini with the following somewhere in the section [Temperature]:

    2. The same file should have a [Devices] section of the format:
    that contain the device serial number and associated virtual device. If your three serial numbers are present then assign the correct virtual devices.

    3. The same file should have a [Database] section of the format:
    where the first R1 is the virtual device, the second R1 is the database field, 0 is for temperature device, and 1 is to include the device in the display. If these are not correct for your three devices then edit appropriately.

    4. This is not in your problem list, but if you have Access then confirm that each field in the database table where the temperature data is stored has the "Required" property set to "no". This is something that I have not yet been able to do.

    Restart homeseer. You can look at the setup page, but do not do an "Update"

    You are also welcome to zip up the database if is not too big and the mcsTemperature.ini before you make any changes so I can see the configuration that can replicate the problem.



      I just installed v3.3.0 and I'm also getting "InitHW: Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression 'ID='." indicated in the Homeseer log during startup. My virtual devices are also not being updated. It seems like it may be having trouble reading the TEMP05 output. I'm running version 5 of TEMP05 code. If I open up the plugin setup screen, there are no recordings of my devices.


        I use dsDS9097 on CommPort="1"
        I download yesterday mcs and use trial key to unlock.
        Under version 3.0 not working same under version 3.3.0
        On log file i have a probleme with InitHW

        I am under windows xp pro to test.

        18/01/2003 10:48:28~!~mcsTemperature Plugin~!~Register callback with Homeseer completed
        18/01/2003 10:48:28~!~Temperature Plugin~!~ InitHW: Object variable or With block variable not set
        18/01/2003 10:48:28~!~mcsTemperature Plugin Debug~!~Internal Timer Started
        18/01/2003 10:48:28~!~startup~!~Done Initializing I/O

        I read your reply to d-smes.

        See my ini file in Attachment

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          Thanks for the suggestions, Michael. I had attempted to use v3.0 before but didn't get far. That's why I can tell wou've been busy! But this is a fresh install on a fresh HS install.

          1) The {DS9097CommPort="4"} line was missing so I added it.

          2) Sensors were all wqual to R1 in the Devices section. I have changed them to all be unique (i.e. R1, R2, R3).

          3) Entries in the Database section of .ini read as follows:
          I have corrected these (e.g. R3=R3,0,1).

          4) I have Access but I'm not experienced enough to know if I'm looking in the correct spot. If I pull up "Design View" on the Temperature: Table and select the "SampleDate" row or any of the "R.." rows, the General Tab at the bottom says No to "Required".

          When I restart HS, I now get temperature updates for all three sensors once a minute! Making progress! I can also see the sample data making it to the database. However, I get a {InitHW: Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression 'ID='} error in the Event Log at startup (w/o the brackets).

          I'll attempt to attached up updateed ini and database (never done it before).

          Thanks for the help!
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            This is good news. It means that when the .ini file gets written correctly then it will work as expected.

            I think I know what is causing the HWInit message. By the time the code gets to this point everything important has been initialized and it is only trying to provide feedback as to the date of the last sample recorded in the temperature and forecast tables.

            I think you figured out how to use Access well enough to check these fields. If there is a problem then a message will appear indicating that a field is being resized. It gets to this point becasue either it is too small to hold the data or it has the "required" attribute set and no data provided during the table write. When it is automatically resized it sometimes sets the "required" attribute so the message will occur again on the next update.