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Any volunteer for V3.3.0

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    Any volunteer for V3.3.0

    I undertook the task of revamping the setup page and changed the manner in which user setup is specified to provide a more intuitive setup. I decoupled the device-to-database relationship so Temp sensors no longer need to start at device 1 of a specific house code, nor do they need to be contiguous. The fixed structure of the database was also changed to a dynamic one so new devices of any type can be added and the database will be resized to accomodate.

    It turned out to be a major change in the internal processing within the plugin (and a much bigger job than I anticipated). With all the options the plugin provides there may be setup assumptions that I did not anticipate and it would be nice if someone else could take a look it. The evaluation will require you to make a backup of your database and your mcsTemperature.ini, just in case there is a problem. Otherwise no other changes should be needed.

    Any volunteer?

    The work week is starting, so I'll be limited to a few evening hours, but unless it's severely broken I should be able to report in a couple of days.



      I found why I could not get the plugin working.
      No java vm in windows xp.
      It's working now.



        Thank you,

        When I get back to the room tonight I'll put it up on the board.

        Warren, can you give me a link for the java vm install file so I can add that to the set of additional files that are downloaded and run when the DS9097 is selected.


          Hi Michael,

          I'd like to give it a whirl also. Sorry not to be in touch since raising all the fuss about V4 TEMP04 not updatind etc.

          Will this likely fix the problem I've now got that various database fields are appearing empty or zero in the R21 - R28 range (in particular Wind Direction)



            Win XP is the only OS that didn't come with support for the java vm.
            Microsoft added it in service pack one.
            XP just had to be updated.





                I'm going to hold onto V3.3.0 for another day to do additional test in the dynamic management of the database structure. I want as few surprises as possible, especially in this area where the effects could be more than just cosmetic.

                Much has been changed in how data flows within the plugin, but explicit changes were made for the weather-related sensors. Just need to try it and see.



                  I recently purchased a Temp05, v 5 from Mitch and was actually successful at enclosing it, hooking up to OWS v3 and other sensors.

                  I would like to try this new version of yours as I have had no experience with prior versions.

                  My main reason for obtaining the Temp05 and the various sensors is to apply conditions to the values of the sensors and execute a script if they exceed certain values. As an example, if the humidity in the teenager's bathroom exceeds a certain value, then X10 on the bathroom fan.

                  From what I've read re: your plug-in, I will be able to accomplish these goals.

                  So, count me in as a tester, if you want.


                  Michael R. Taylor


                    Re. the Temp05-triggered shower fan - you must have read my mind - this is exactly the same as one of my applications. Four teenage girls who don't understand what the fan is for and what damage high humidity can do.


                      Ed K.,

                      I agree - already the bathroom ceiling paint is peeling.

                      When I ask: "Why don't you turn on the fan?", the answers I get center around: "Huh?", or "I can't hear the radio with the fan on".

                      So, time to get down and dirty and CONTROL the fan!!!!



                        I just received the email with the complete archive (for what looks like ver. 3.0.0) in response to my request for a version that I can load from scratch vs. using the updater.

                        Question - since I am going to try ver. 3.3.0 anyway, should I just install that, or go ahead and install the complete version you sent and upgrade via the updater? You stated that ver. 3.3.0 is quite different - don't want to make this complicated for either of us!

                        BTW - I took a look in the exemplar database in the package you sent - guess what - no "tblTemperatureForecast table" there either (referring back to one of your earlier posts on the 3.1.0 Update thread)!!! Are you sure that that is what is missing from my database?


                          <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> I recently purchased a Temp05, v 5 from Mitch and was actually successful at enclosing it, hooking up to OWS v3 and other sensors.

                          What did you use for an enclosure?




                            I went to Radio Shack and bought a project enclosure (plastic), some standoffs, a modular phone jack, and a power plug/receptacle.

                            Cut out for the DB9, power and led, then attached phone jack to top.

                            I'll try to get a picture.

                            Total cost about $20.


                              I've got a little more to do with V3.3.0. Hopefully tonight.

                              Lets just wait for V3.3.0 for further investigation. tblTemperatureForecast is the table that is used. I deleted mine in a test database and the plugin recreated it when I asked for the forecast timescale on temperature.asp.

                              I've been changing wires between the DS9097 and Temp05 and V5 vs V6 firmware so much during the development cycle that it is premature for an enclosure. Now it is a small block of wood with two screws. All low voltage wiring is routed under my house and through a 2" conduit in the wall to my den. The wires enter the back of a base cabinet and then to various shelf positions depending upon the equipment to which it is connected. The Temp05 is now right in the front and naked. The wiring and equipment interfaces are all hidden to maximize WAF. The conduit also turned out to be a good idea since I'm always finding new reasons to run more wire.