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Any way to record humidity from other sensors into database?

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    Any way to record humidity from other sensors into database?

    I have a AppDig Bobcat for humidity in my basement. Is there anyway to get the mcsTemperature plug-in to recognize this unit and record it into the database.

    It's coming across from the Ocelot as a variable that I currently put into 'w11'. I could make this an 'r13' for example and mod the mcsTemp ini file to see it. Would that be enough to get the data recorded or is it only going to recognize the Temp05 created 'r' devices?


    Just saw your question.

    If your bobcat data is stored in W11, then just go to the Weather tab on the setup page. Add a device at W11, function Humidity, and give it an appropriate name in the database field name. Dont use spaces in the database field name. It can be W11, or BobcatHumidity, or whatever.

    The data will be stored in the database at the same time the Temp05 data is stored.

    The changes introduced around V3.3.0 totally opened up the restrictions on where devices are location and what database fields can be used.

    As as side note... any change in status about the switch-to problem on cancel or update?

    If you still cannot get the setup page to save your data then this bobcat measurement can be added by inserting a line in the [Database] section of mcsTemperature.ini looking something like W11="BobcatHumidity,6,1"