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Line Chart for mcsTemperature

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    Line Chart for mcsTemperature

    There has been a few request to get more insight as to the capabilities provided by mcsTemperature. My intention is to post some examples with a little narrative. Anyone else who would like to share a capability is welcome to share.

    Attached is a screen shot for a typical line chart produced by mcsTemperature. Three sensors were selected for display and the period of 24 hours selected ending at 9 AM Jan 30. These are checkbox, option, or text box entry fields on the ASP page. Prior selections are remembered and the initial display of the page defaults the date & hour to the current time.

    The sensors available for charting are selected by a checkbox from the list at the top of the asp page. These sensors are presented for selected because the plugin either detected them or were informed of them by the user and the setup did not indicate that they would be excluded from charting display.

    The plugin recognized multiple types of sensors (Temp, Wind, Rain) and elected to produce two vertical scales. It saw that Temp and Wind had similiar magnitude values and placed both these on the primary scale. The rain was given its own secondary scale on the right.

    Each sensor type uses a different texture on the line to help identify it. Each sensor is also given a unique color. The labels for these are located at the top of the chart.

    The X axis time-scale is labled at the bottom of the chart with each new day identified at the 0 hour and other hours labeled with their numerical hour value. The phase of the axis can be selected to start on any hour.

    Samples with readings of 0 are not charted to avoid clutter on the chart. Likewise samples that are missing result in a discontinuity of the line to reflect their absence. When data is collected, and a bad reading is obtained, the plugin can be configured to record these bad readings as zeros so the lack of data on the chart will indicate the data is not good.

    When a 6 Hour scale is selected the plugin will connect lines between the samples. This is done because the horizontal pixel density is such that one sample spans multiple pixels and a continuous line charts is more pleasing than a display of unconnnected dots with spaces between each.

    This particular chart also shows the management of the rain accumulations which trend up until midnight at which time they start over again at zero.

    Overall the chart shows a steady rainfall early in the day followed by a period of wind in the afternoon and temperature remaining relatively constant throughout the 24 hour period.

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