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need some help in setup

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    need some help in setup

    I have been working through the install and have it set up. I am running a 1-wire system through the DS9097 interface. It recognized and will update one temperature gauge - however, a couple of problems/questions arose. I have been through this message thread and also the manual but can't sort it out. I am looking for some help!

    1) it recognized one temp gauge (the one in the 1-wire) correctly and is monitoring it fine. But it hasn't recognized the wind speed and direction sensors. In fact, it has automatically loaded the wind speed ROM as a temperature gauge. It does not update this one at all. (I can't find how to change this)

    2) how do I add additonal temp sensors (I have 2 in addition to the 1-wire one). My assumption is that I have to enter the ROM # but I am confused by some statements regarding "virtual" setup and not entering ROMs in. (I tried editing the mcsTemperature.ini, but they don't track)

    3) how do I access the .aps pages?


    Looks like you are the first to try non-temp sensors using the DS9097 and mcsTemperature besides myself.

    The wind direction gauge that I have uses an A/D to determine position and A/D conversion in the TMEX drivers are not supported under VB. My plan is to go to C for this aspect of the interface. Today it will not work. If you have the switch (DS2401)style wind direction indicator then I will need to add logic to support it.

    The wind speed counter worked the last time I tried, but that was before release of V3.0.0 and much has changed since then. I will retest to confirm or fix if not working.

    Other temp measurements can be added by providing a virtual device and database field name on the Temp 1-12 tab of the setup page. You will likely also want to check the include in display checkbox. I forget if the plugin creates the virtual devices if they do not exist, but I suspect you already have them defined within homeseer so that should not be an issue. The 1-wire ID/Serial Number will not apply in this case and will always show as blank.

    To be able to view the data from a browser, then the data needs to be saved in a database. This is enabled in the "Interfaces" tab checkbox with database parameters defined in the "Database" tab. After some data has been collected then the browser URL is set to http:\\localhost:8080\Temperature.asp. Change the URL and port to whatever gets you to your homeseer server. These can be setup as clickable links by editing your links.htm and/or links_touchscreen.htm files in the \HTML directory.

    If the device setup is not getting to where you want to be, then email your mcsTemperature.ini file and I can check it out and learn of any problems that may be occurring with the plugin's setup of this file.


      My 1-wire system says that it uses a DS2450 analog-digital converter for wind direction. The event counter for the wind speed is DS2423.

      - I have defined an Input file on the Devices/File tab as follows:",R1,1-wire Temp,0,1,R2,temp2,0,1,R3,temp3,0,1,R4,Wind Direction,1,1,R5,Wind Speed,2,1,8,1"

      - on the Database tab, I kept the defaults which identify Homeseer.mdb as the database.

      - I can now access the .asp page (my HS is on a different port)

      - do I have to specify anything on the Interfaces tab other than the DS9097 interface and "transfer mapped virtual devices to DB? What's the delimited file used for on this one?

      - I have followed your previous note (I think!) but it still only tracks the 1-wire gauge. Here's an extract from the ini file as generated.


      Note that in a previous test I edited the ini file to include the ROM #'s and even though I deleleted them from the ini file, they were regenerated when I updated in the plugin).

      (P.S. how does it collect the data from the device if I don't specify the ROM #?)


        Your wind speed device is virtual device R5 stored in database field R5. Your R4 device is flagged as a temp sensor for which data will not be transfered to the database. R1, R2, R3 are all temp sensors going to corresponding database field locations.

        The plugin scans the 1-wire bus looking for all devices. If their ROM id'(Serial Numbers) are not in the mcsTemperature.ini file they will add them and create entries for the next default virtual device and database field. If you do not want data to show in virtual devices for these sensors then change the Virtual Device field in the Temp 1-12 or Weather tabs of the setup page to be blank. Do the same in the database field if you do not want data stored to the database. The display checkbox should also be cleared if you are not including these sensors.

        The plugin currently stages all sensor measurements into virtual devices. On a periodic interval it will transfer the contents of these virtual devices to the database. If you tell the plugin to include Temp Sensor at virtual device Y63 and give it a database field to use, then it will transfer whatever is in this virtual device's string into the database when all other transfers are occurring. Before transfer it will strip the units suffixes and assure the value is numeric.

        You indicated that you defined a file input format of
        <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>I have defined an Input file on the Devices/File tab as follows:",R1,1-wire Temp,0,1,R2,temp2,0,1,R3,temp3,0,1,R4,Wind Direction,1,1,R5,Wind Speed,2,1,8,1"

        This is done when you want to read data from a text file such as might be generated by a weather station. When using this mode of input it will be reading the five comma separated fields and storing the data sample recorded into devices R1..R5. It will do this immediately before storing data into the database. If these sensors are on the 1-wire bus and you the data to be obtained from the DS9097 by the plugin then the file input would not be used. If you want these 5 readings from a file as well as some from the 1-wire bus then the virtual devices specified for the 1-wire bus will need to be different than those specified for the file. If R1 is being read by the plugin's DS9097 interface and R1 is also be obtained from the file, then the DS9097 input will be superceeded by the file one.

        I'm a little lost as to what your setup is trying to achieve. (Probably not as confused as you, however, trying to userstand how to set it up). What I thought you had, at this state of experimentation, is 1 temp sensor and 1 wind direction/speed instrument of the VWS3 variety. If this is the case then the text file string you entered is not needed or wanted. The wind direction will not work at this time. The wind speed should work, but I have not checked it since all the changes were made over the past month. The checkboxes on the Interface tab for Database use, and DS9097 use should be checked. The Temp05, three Text File should be unchecked. The forecast box is optional.


          I just hooked up the DS9097 to my wind instrument and all is still working. The device was previoiusly recognized with the Temp05 interface and the DS9097 also saw it. I had it running with 1 minute updates. I also had the Temp05 still running with other sensors and both coexisted peacefully.