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Regional Settings Update

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    Regional Settings Update

    I started looking into the regional settings and so far have learned that the floating point number stored in the database is the same no matter which regional setting I use at the time the write to the database is performed. I also confirmed that constant dates declaration, and dynamic date creation using CDate(string) result in the same binary value going to and read from the database.

    I also learned that the ASP page is sensitive to the regional setting for the ending date entry, but it appears to be locked into one region. I suspect the region is unlocked when homeseer restarts. I have also had my regional settings change on my desktop based upon use of the ASP page.

    While this is not the solution, I'm leaning toward investigation of the asp rather than at the data stored & retrieved from the database.

    When I get a little further I will provide the test scripts I'm using to confirm that the same results/conclusions are achieved by computers resident on other islands.

    No problem Michael we wait for you test script