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    Due to the length of this thread I will start another and move the PR list to the new one. Let us say the new thread goes from V3.7 forward for awhile.

    I did notice that I broke the forecast timescale again because I did not convert that internal table from text to integer. Should be able to take care of that tomorrow.

    Bill, I also put your fast/slow algorithm into 3.7.1. You need to get yourself a barometer to test it out.

    jpape, the removal of the F/C was intentional, but I can put it back in. It is not a big deal to me either way. Any other opinions? My suggestion is that all virtual devices have units or none have units so it is consistent appearance.



      This is not version specific, but it just dawned on me that when the virtual devices are created for/by the plugin, the "status only" box is not checked in the device type, and therefore the devices appear on HS with the on/off control boxes. Could you set this property to "Off" when you create the devices, so that the boxes do not appear?