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    How do I control the output on temp05 from MCS? The tab 'Discrete Out' in the setup is empty, only the text Relay05 Controls.

    I have also connect some ds2405 and I can see the id-number when I press 'Poll for Devices'
    Even here I can't find the devices under 'Discrete Sensors' or any tabs.

    I am running version 3.11.1

    Thanks for any help.

    /Tony Lofgren
    Please excuse any spelling and grammatical errors I may make.
    Tasker Plugin / Speech Droid
    Tonlof | Sweden


      I agree the same image is not much help. All it does it get a more current version. Some people may not be using and have their own image so I believe the best thing to do is to add a second Radar image value to the setup page and this should take care of all.

      Currently nothing is implemented on Discrete outputs. All that I know about now is the Relay05. Is there some other output of interest? I'm about to start on the Relay05 so the timing is good now to identify what is needed for 1-wire or other discrete outputs.


        Hi Michael,

        I looked in my Homeseer.mdb file and see that a table with the name of tbl970000001EEBA705W was created and exist. But what is confusing is that all future "writes" to the database are looking for a table with the name of tblAF00000024275126. The Sensor ID of the DS2405 is 970000001EEBA705. My JJWare Humidity sensor is AF00000024275126. It almost looks like the plugin is using the wrong serial numbner for the DS2405 device. The actual error message is;

        mcsTemperature Plugin Log_Discrete: Could not find output table tblAF00000024275126

        This error message is only produced when I change the state of the DS2405 switch.

        Please let me know if you need any additional information.


          I believe I located the source of the problem with the switch and updated the code in V3.11.3 which I'm putting in a thread for Relay05 evaluation in the mcsTemperature forum.
          Relay05 Evaluation Give this version a try and confirm it has been corrected.

          [This message was edited by Michael McSharry on Wednesday, 12 February 2003 at 12:39 AM.]


            An evaluation version of the Relay05 is available as noted on the previous post. Very first cut so it could be a little rough.

            The DS2405 support has been out for a few days now and the basics should work. When the DS2405 is on the 1-wire, and has been registered with the Temp05 (INI or mcsTemperature Poll for Devices) it will be detected by the plugin as long as the setup page is not open. It will assign a virtual device to it and the status will be availble in that device for viewing and triggering. After an Temp05 update cycle the setup page can be opened and the virtual device and database relationships can be edited.

            jpape has been the first tester for this sensor. I do not have any at this time. You can read some of his discoveries in this thread.

            If you continue to have problems with the switch input then provide a little more of a step-by-step that you are doing. If you have temperature sensors detected by the plugin, then these are no different. It does require a V5 of the Temp05. It is not currrently supported with the DS9097.