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A change of heart...

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    A change of heart...


    When the idea of buying plug-ins was proposed, I really had my doubts. I didn't like the idea of turning a community based development into something revolving around money.

    I downloaded your newest trial version of MCS Temperature today and I have changed my mind.

    You have really done a fantastic job on this plugin. I will be purchasing it later this week.

    Good job, and keep up the good work.

    Trovan (Mark)


    First of all -- Thank You!

    What makes this site work is the support of all the members. The current look of the plugin is totally based upon feedback received as to user setup problems and capabilities desired.

    I have contributed several things to the Library. Some provided a lot of functionality and this required some time to be invested by users to understand what was available and work through whatever it took to make it work for them. With so much in the Library it was not easy to know where to invest one's time.

    The third-party plugins provide one mechanism by which to filter through the multitude of offerings. The nominal charge provides a bond between developer and user. The developer knows that support will be appreciated. The user knows that support will continue to be available.

    In my case my contributions to the library have decreased. I contributed to the library because of the satisfaction of making the contribution and knowing it would help someone. Now with the plugin I have more direct pipeline to the end-user. I know that what I do will benefit someone who has made a committment to my offering. I continue to make Library contributions, but I know I will not put complex packages in there in the future.