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    Newbie problems

    I am sure most of problems are setup issues but I have been fiddling with this on and off all day without much progress.

    Four temp sensors were found, which is what I have, devices created and reading OK with the 9097.

    I have data in forcast but none in teperature.

    I unzipped to the HomeSeer directory and lost temperature.asp and forecast.asp, neither would display. Went back to 3.7.

    Can I read data from a one line txt file or do I send data to it?


    If it found your 4 sensors then you are well on you way. If you want to graph the data from these then the interface tab enable database needs to be selected.

    I'm curious why 3.12 would not work with your files. In any case send me your mcsTemperature.ini. That is where most problems have occurred. You can send your temperature database also so I have a complete environment.