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Erratic humidity readings

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    Erratic humidity readings

    Anybody -

    I posted this in the Midon forum, but thought some of you might have some insight into this.

    I have been using the Temp05 to collect temp/humidity data for several months now. I have noticed that the temp sensors have a fairly smooth trending pattern. However, the humidity sensor (JJWare) seems erratic, although it is within a few percent swing. See the attached chart, showing a few temp sensors (smooth lines) plotted against the humidity sensor (erratic line). I have heard that the humidity sensors should have all three wires connected. I only have two. Could this be causing the problem, or is this actually a normal reading given the accuracy of the sensor, or is the sensor bad? BTW - the update rate is every 5 minutes.
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    I looked into the display of the Humidity and the best solution that I came up with was to provide the option (on the Display tab) to force the scale of the humidity to 0 to 110%. This wil then not magnify the 1% sample to sample variance.

    I tried changing the scale resolution on that provided poor results. The other thing I could do is scale to 100% rather than 110%, but I generally like to have a little headroom at the top of the chart. You choice, however.

    There is a verion for DS2405 evaluations posted and it contains this update as well V3.13.1.