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mcsTemperature vs Weather Display

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    mcsTemperature vs Weather Display

    Michael, can you clear some of this fog from my head? If I use the mcsTemperature plugin, would I still need the Weather Display software (for the AAG)?


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    mcsTemperature should be all you need on the software side. If there is some capability that it currently does not provide then just ask and I can add it in. This plugin started to satisfy my needs, but it really has been user-driven with many capabilities added just become someone wanted it.

    If you go with 1-wire then you will need some interface to the computer. The DS9097 works well and it can be obtained from AAG with the weather station. The Temp05 is another alternative.

    Note that the AAG weather station is just a start and will provide wind and temperature readings. AAG also provides a separate humidity interface and barometer interface. I do not believe they provide a rain gauge. I obtained mine from Worthington with the interface to the 1-wire from jjware. When you add up the $ for all these individual components it will be in the ballpark of complete stations.

    If you obtain a station where the data is produced to a file rather than a direct interface then mcsTemperature will also accept that source.

    There are really many ways to go and all should work. It all depends upon what you are trying to accomplish.