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    Control Actions on Trigger

    I'm starting to implement the Control/Device actions aspect of the Temperature Control Trigger event. My current plan is to allow multiple devices to be controlled as a result of this trigger. Each device will have the criteria for On and criteria for Off. The intent is allow a single trigger handle both the on and off control of a device. For example if the trigger was defined to be when a value goes outside a band, then the device actions could be to turn device one when inside the band and the device off when outside the band. This would also allow for one event to handle the typical hysteresis control (on at lower limit and off at upper limit), or safety control (Off on a rate of change and On otherwise)

    Before I get too far into the implementation I would like to know if there any desires for device/control actions that the plugin should accomodate?


    I am gearing up to add HVAC control to my system. You may want to talk to GenevaDude (thermOstat plugin) about how your two plugins could interact.

    I have a couple of my plugins "talking" to each other but I didn't do anything special. Each uses custom triggers and actions which then allow the following:

    plugin 1 trigger -> plugin 2 action
    plugin 2 trigger -> plugin 1 action

    I'd be willing to help you guys if you need it.

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      HVAC is off limits to me according to the wife so I have not been following GenevaDude's thread. I will take a look to see what is going on.

      I do have the fireplace output ducted into my house heat distribution system and control the ducts via HA. I did sneak in control of the furnace blower to assist in the distribution.

      This is also the first time I'm exploring the DeviceAction aspect of the SDK. As I get into it I will be better able to appreciate some of the possibilities.

      What specific plugin interaction have you implemented. This may seed some ideas.