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A few probllems / oen request

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    A few probllems / oen request

    I have had great success so far especially since the new upgrade.

    A few observations:

    in the graph for relays I usually have either 0 or 1 as per the state of the relay a the time
    HOWEVER the AVG colum shows values anywhere from
    5 to 50 or is due to the scaling factor for relays in the database?

    If so should the relays not be shown as either 0 or 100 to be consistant?

    I sometimes see failures in turning a realy ON or OFF from the device on/off command in HS.
    It seems that this happens when a RLYXOFF or ON
    is sent to temp05 WHILE temp05 is spitting out the temperature least that is what I gathered from observing thre data streams on my virtual port monitor.

    3/I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO BE AB LE TO HAVE 2-4 instances of MCStemperature as I might have more than 30 sensors and definetely more than 8 relays...
    any hints on wether this is achivable or in the works.


    The Avg value for discretes is the count of transitions during the period being displayed. I tried to change the label to CNT if only discretes are being displayed.

    Bill Walton has played with Relay05 and determined that command delays of 250 milliseconds usually, but do not always, provide accurate results. This was mentioned on the Temp05 forum when you were asking about ways to handle additional relays. You can try something like 500 (entered on the Temp05/Relay05 tab) and see it this helps any. Mitch also responded recently indicating he replicated the problem and is now thinking about how to tackle it.

    Multiple instances of a plugin are not directly supported by Homeseer. I imagine each would need an unique interface name. I think this would be easy for me to setup, but I do not know on Rich's end with the license codes. It likely makes more sense to accomodate additional serial ports. When you think you know the interface architecture you want to try to implement then we can discuss the best way to achieve your objectives.