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    automatic refresh of charts

    I am using the lates MCStemp. pluggin and it work great.

    however I noticed two annoying 'features' or lack of features:

    If you draw let's say the 6 hour graph of temperatures things come up fine..then you go away for a few hours and then you click on DRAW
    to refreh then you will notice that the tables are up to date BUT the graph will not go past where the graph was originally set to..even if you change to let's say a 24-hr period or even a new type of graph. After loading the new version of MCStemp I noticed there is an HOUR field next to the day field which needs to be entered manually to bring me up to date. The only other way is to re-start a trend window from HS.

    ALSO: it would be nice to have and automatic refesh/update/scrolling of any of the graphson the screen ...after all the purpose is not to have to keep typing mutliple field to get the current state in your house

    Maybe the feature already exists?

    I understand what you are asking to do. Now we just need to figure out a strategy that will work.

    A client-server architecture is driven by data selected by the client. If a field exists on the form for the ending date then the server will use this value since that is what is present at the time the submit was issued.

    If I had the plugin automatically set the ending date to the current time then that field is no longer needed, but at the same time no user selection of any date other than the current one will be available.

    One idea may be to default the ending date/hour to "Current" or blank so that each time submitted it will use a new date, while if an actual date is specified it will use that one.

    Scrolling really means to redraw starting at a different time. Does scroll adjust time by 1 hour, by 1 day, by 25% of the chart's time, by 50% of the chart's time or what should be used to determine this scroll period?

    On a PC there is room for more buttons, but on the 640x480 it is tight. Audrey also does not support scrolling very well since the draw times are slow.

    I need some feedback on what will work to accomodate your preferences.


      CURRENT as an option to a set hour would be great as it would solve 80% of the problem!I would just keep pressing the DRAW to see latest chart. Basically CURRENT would alwasys be the next hour/day,... that would have been selected if trend has been restarted from HS/

      Now in terms of scrolling/refresh automatically:

      I don't know about the drawing package you are using here but for what I can see the right side of the chart always ends up at a predictable hour/4hr/day... depending of 6/24hr 72hr week,.. selection. Therefore until this limit is reached
      I guess I would just be a matter of drawing lines between points at each update interval (as set in temp05 or somewhere else in the trends menu).

      When the right time limit is reached (assuming CURRENT is selected) then it is just a matter of adding one more tick to the right and REFRESHING the whole drawing

      NOW if the drawings packing does NOT allow to draw
      extra points after the chart has been presented
      THEN I suggest just to refresh the whole drawing
      every update interval.

      We are at worst talking every my case I measure every 4 minutes..

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        Seems like you are most interested in just seeing the most current data and are not concerned about scrolling at some arbitrary time in the past.

        What I will do is add the autorefresh as I did with Forecast and add the Current/blank End time so each autorefresh will always end at the next hours.

        With HTML you generally do not have the ability to incrementally add and removve pixels from an image so each refresh period will be a screen redraw. I could also just do a redraw of the chart, but since this is 90% of the page I do not know if it worth the extra effort.

        Please confirm that this is your desire.


          What you are proposing is fine...go ahead



            if there is a date/time entered in the ending field...