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    Yes I am aware about how to set temp05..however what threw me off was that I had set set in

    main/interface menu:

    store temp in F

    read the temp in 'C' in temp05 checkbox so to be consistent with my default temp05 at powerup

    the results in temp05 came as 'C' but were correctly set in the devices (as F values)

    SEEMS LIKE THE TREND GRAPHS FOLLOW THE checkbox in temp05 which does not make sense because for a while I was not using temp05 and ony paying attention to the STORE TEMP field (F). Similarily with the refresh intervals being tied up to temp05 when temp05 is not present.

    Refresh should be a multiple of the minimum of temp05 (if present) or DS serial interface or forecast refresh interval.

    2- follow up: When I call the temperature.asp via HS or via the web it does not come with the graph...I have ro press on DRAW just to get the graph..kind of annoying because I am trying to PUSH this info to some web displays.Forecast.asp is fine. Anyway to force the draw at pop-up

    3-also anytime I call the forecast/trend windows
    from HS, I.E. starts these windows in the back of all other I.E. windows ...any idea why? I don't think this is specific to MCStemp though.


      Sorry to be swanping you with requests

      seems to me that the MCStemp driver for temp05 should be smart enough to detect if the values
      coming back from the board are 'C' or 'F'...just by reading the string that comes back from it.

      I changed to 'F' on temp05 checkbox but was plugging another temp05 board for testing which had 'C' coming out and the temperatures on the displays know where.

      What units the real values get stored should be governed by the store temp field.

      maybe easier said than done but I cannot expect someone (i.e my users) to keep bringing up the temp05 window to set to 'F' at power up (I am not sure when temp05 board looses its settings).


        I must be on a roll sorry

        The Forecast data is stamped to be the TIME MCStemp went out AND GOT NEW data from the forecast web site right?
        The reason I am asking is that the data from the web site (as displayed by the date on the graphs) is usually 2 to 3 hours BEHIND the stamp that MCStemp acutally claims as above.

        For example I got and updated forecast variabless at 19:20 but the data on the webb is actually 4:55pm

        is this the correct behaviour?

        ALSO: since I have updated to 2.29.1 I CANNOT get the forecast to update more than once or twice (set to 30 minutes)...after that I try update forecast manually in the setup menu and I don't get any updates. If I re-start HS I get the latest weather update (as per time stamp) I was looking for so I don't think this is a problem with the weather website...also all other local variables are moving along fine and the forecast.asp updates the local variables fine too.

        Is there any debug info in the debug log that I can look for?


          I agree that the temp reading from the TEMP05 should look at the suffix provided rather than the checkbox on the Interface Tab to know has the data is encoded. I'll change that.

          The timestamp reflects the local data readings as well as the web readings. It is also there to confirm that the page is updating. I'm willing to put an alternate web site in the plugin from which to get timely updates, but the parse algorithm needs to be provided. This was discussed earlier and is a PR in the list. I know Mike Hunter offered the weatherman parse, but it was not clear how to drop it in. If anyone is familiar with it or any other that would be desired then give me the info.

          I just looked at my Forecast table and data is there every hour. Sometimes it is a little late on the update but each entry is there. I added a special debug log (From Interface/Main tab) to dump the line received from MSNBC each time GetWeather is called. The file is GetWeather.txt in the homeseer root. This should give us data to understand why your updates are not occurring.

          The screen refreshes are based upon the the time data is stored to the database. The priority scheme you suggested is the one I think I use.

          Currently the graph will show if styles Line or LinSel are in the profile. I'll add a checkbox to show the graph if any graph style is selected on startup. It will be on the Display tab.


            Two additions to this update. The first are the configuraition options requested by fbitz. Checkbox to always draw a graph on initial Temperature.asp access if a graph is in the profile. A text box to specify the number of pixels to reserve for the legend at the top of the graph. Values over 35 will stretch this area of the chart. 35 is the minimum allowed. The Temp05 temp data parsing will look at the last character returned on a line and use that to determine if the data is C or F. Special debug will now dump MSNBC data packet to file GetWeather.txt in the homeseer root.

            APRS data support has also been added via the scripting interface. Two data packets are formatted for subsequent inclusion in a transmission packet. These are the Positionless Weather Data and the Complete Weather report with timestamp. The second requires an input of the reporting stations lat and long. Sample usage from a .vbs file is:

            <pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">
            set hs= createobject("homeseer.application")
            set mcs = hs.GetPlugins("mcsTemperature")
            hs.writelog "Positionless",mcs.GetPositionlessWeatherData
            hs.writelog "Complete",mcs.GetCompleteWeatherReport("LAT45678","LONG5678 9")
            set mcs = Nothing
            set hs = nothing

            The lat and long are just dummy string in the example. Normal usage are 8 and 9 character strings such as 5001.50N for lat.

            Bill Walton has done very nice work with the manual. Everyone will get to view it from the updater. Unless there are some immediate problems with V3.30.0 this is what will be submitted to the updater for general consumption.


              I am runinng latest upate ...

              By accident I was upgrading the temp05 (new controller) and then the new board came up with 'C' reading instead of the 'F' readings of the previous one...(all of this while HS was running)...

              THEN the outputs on charts as well as device values went to to C value ALTHOUGH the charts were in F and the checkbox (in main/interface temp05) was set to 'F'

              I am pretty sure I re-started and the problem still the convertion from C to F did not happen

              will check more just ot make sure....

              these temp05 initialization issues are pretty scary as they might require user intervations in temp05 popup screen after power outages,....

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                You are correct about the F/C conversion. Looking back I see I strip the suffix off before I do the conversion check. v3.30.2 should take care of this.


                  using latest update I still am having problems
                  in that the forecast stops updating after a few iterations..(interval for updates set at 30 minutes)

                  see atachement debug.txt (actually getweather.txt)
                  where you see the updates stoping after 2-3 iterations...then I do a manual update in HS menu and still no weather update (although getweater.txt is updated) ..

                  then I restart HS and update manually, the weather gets updated!

                  THE STRANGE THING is I noticed that the 30 minutes update interval ssemed to have gone to 33 minutes at the time the updates stropped taking place ...a thing I have observed in other logs.

                  I hope this is the file you wanted to see.

                  the time shown on the forecast screen is now HH only..used to be HH:MM ..actually all my updates are typically HH:55 and you display the HH but for example if my update is 15:55 we see 15 but not 16 (the nearest hour)...just a thought...
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                    I have lapses where MSNBC does not update the site one the mark but can be many minutes late. On occasion an update never occurs.

                    The download mechanism I use is the Windows API call URLDownloadToFile and before each call I delete the data file so I know the data file is always from the current download request. To the best of my knowledge no cache is used with this command. There is an equivalent one that does download to the cache.

                    What this all means is that I really do not know what may be goin on. Just to amuse me could you change your update interval to something like 10 minutes. I also assume that no error messages are in the log related to this. The data file is \HTML\~mcsForecast.txt but it is very transient so I suspect you will never see it. Just in case take a look to see if it is hanging around.

                    URLDownloadToFile has been my most reliable way to get web data. If you continue to have problems I can make an implementation that uses the IE object to see if that changes anything.


                      My direction seems to have stuck on North I cans see the long file showing a change of direction but no Change in the Icon In HS. Is there a specific voltage that Mcstemp Needs to show a change in the Icon? My log shows 2.3448 volts and less in the direction section. The computer is in a remote location from here and not really accessable. Thanks Michael!!



                        There are 4 analog measurements made to determine the wind direction and based upon the range of these there will be 1 of 16 discrete wind position values reported. The lookup table is below. Values of approx 0v, 2v, 3v, and 4v are expected if the instrument is working correctly. Mine is not and I never get a readings above the 2v range. The Temp05 and DS9097 both recognize it as defective. I live next to a mountain and my vane is usually rotating anyway so the direction was not too important to me.
                        Table entry (0) is the nominal North. (1) NNE, etc. Your calibration will offset the index. I believe an invalid entry will be interpreted as North.

                        <pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">
                        conv_table(0) = Array(0.06, 4.64, 4.64, 4.64)
                        conv_table(1) = Array(0.06, 0.06, 4.6, 4.6)
                        conv_table(2) = Array(4.64, 0.06, 4.64, 4.64)
                        conv_table(3) = Array(4.62, 0.06, 0.06, 4.6)
                        conv_table(4) = Array(4.64, 4.64, 0.06, 4.64)
                        conv_table(5) = Array(4.6, 4.6, 0.06, 0.06)
                        conv_table(6) = Array(4.64, 4.64, 4.64, 0.06)
                        conv_table(7) = Array(2.36, 4.62, 4.6, 0.06)
                        conv_table(8) = Array(2.38, 4.66, 4.66, 4.66)
                        conv_table(9) = Array(3.2, 3.2, 4.66, 4.64)
                        conv_table(10) = Array(4.66, 2.38, 4.66, 4.66)
                        conv_table(11) = Array(4.66, 3.18, 3.2, 4.64)
                        conv_table(12) = Array(4.66, 4.66, 2.38, 4.66)
                        conv_table(13) = Array(4.66, 4.66, 3.18, 3.18)
                        conv_table(14) = Array(4.66, 4.66, 4.66, 2.38)
                        conv_table(15) = Array(0.06, 4.62, 4.62, 2.34)