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Can't See the Graphs

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    Can't See the Graphs

    I just downloaded the mcsTemp plugin and I cannot seem to get any graphs to work. I seem to have set it up correctly.

    Only thing I can think of is that I do not have Java VM installed properly. How do you tell if it is there? I have SP2 on XP.

    I should have it

    JavaVM is only associated with collection of data using the DS9097 interface. It is not involved with the display of graphs.

    There are many things that can result in the inability to display graphs since data first needs to be collected before it can be displayed.
    Email your mcsTemperature.ini file so I can see what you have setup and we can go from there.

    As data is initially collected there will be messages in the log file indicating that new sensors are found, database fields generated, or virtual devices defined. The setup page will also reflect this information in the Temp/Weather/Discrete tabs. If these tabs are empty then no data has been collected.


      but when I change the name in the Temp Sensor(1) tab, Database Field to a resonable name, it disappears from the charting.



        I had exactly the same problem, try making sure there are no spaces in the meaningful names, and that seems to work for me.