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    Fire Alarm

    Has anybody used the MCS temperature module to alert a rapid increase in temperature to alert for a fire?

    Is this a reliable method of sensing a fire?

    Is there a better one?

    Is there a 1 wire smoke detector?

    Never tried it for fire detection, but I do use it for fireplace temperature rise. I have a gas starter for the fireplace and I use the rate increase to remind me the turn it off as the fire starts.

    I have purchased a variety of smoke/LP/CO sensors with the eventual intention of interfacing with a 2438 on the one-wire. Suspect I will not be getting around to doing much with them until the next heating season.

    I had previously searched for CO and Smoke sensors and could only find, at reasonable prices, alarms that trigger at a high threshold. I wanted analog outputs so I could track and that is why I purchased the sensors. They were about $5 in sample quantities.


      You may find that no one-wire smoke detectors, CO detectors or heat detectors designed for alarm use are available. I believe that the main reason for this is the UL standards that have been set for these devices, but more importantly the liability that the manufactures would be exposed to.

      I have a central station monitored alarm system in my house, UL has detailed requirements for both the hardware but also the installation of the equipment. For an example the fire detectors have fire rated cable making all of the connections.

      In my case the vendors of the control panel (radionics) has an X-10 module that connects to a TW-523 module. I had the alarm company provide various X-10 outputs. I then use HomeSeer to “process” the alarm and do things such as turn all lights on, send a page or whatever.

      I understand the desire to build various devices and make things work together. But in this case I would suggest you determine how much you will depend on your interfacing of equipment vs. the security and dependability of a separate system.