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    Thanks for the "Code 6" change. I will try it out as soon as I can get some free time. I'm still having some problems with the action functions. I have an event setup to turn on a fan in my equipment cabinet when the temperature reaches 90 degrees and a seperate event o turn the fan off when the temperature drops down to 85 degrees. The problem I'm having is when the event to turn on the fan is triggered and the fan is turned on, the event to turn off the fan runs right after it. This is happening since I upgraded to the version prior to release 4.0. I have tried to delete and recreate the events and the results are the same.


      I'll recreate the dual event situation you described here and see if I can learn anything. What I'd like you to do for me is give the device action feature of V4.x a try. If was designed to handle exactly the situation you are describing where one event can be used to define the control band of the fan.


        Corrected the problem of wrong triggers when the same device code is used in multiple Temperature Control trigger events.



          I tried to setup a "Device Action" event to control my equipment fan but I'm not sure what to have the event triggered by.

          I also see your post regarding the new version. Is this a correction to the problem I was seeing with devices being turned on and off?


            Your fan control problem should be fixed with the latest posting. The problem that I saw was caused by the same device code being used for two events which is perfectly acceptable, but I had a logic problem in the plugin in that case.

            There are a number of ways to setup the device action. One is to make it a manual event or an event triggered by some other master virtual device. In this case you would use the "and Continue" until device is manually turned on or off option. This basically starts the control loop and lets the plugin manage it from that point forward without getting homeseer involved any more. If it is simply a manual event then you may want to start it in the startup.txt file if you want it to always run when homeseer runs.

            A second approach is trigger whenever some control action is needed. You should be able to define a Temperature Control Trigger as a going outside a band where the band limits are 82 and 90 with the device action "and Continue" is set to only when the event is triggered. In this case the plugin will either turn the fan on or off once. Eventually the fan will cool the temperature to the lower limit of the band and another trigger will be genrated and the one-time actiion again performed.


              I've been on travel. When I got home, I noticed that for the last few days Temp05/HS has been logging temps that are 30 degrees lower than actual. How can this be?



                Several versions back a requrest was made to made the plugin smart enough to recognize the units being delivered by the Temp05 and convert if the setup on metric conversions was different. This may be it.


                  About the time I upgraded to v4.0.5, I noticed that not all the Forecast information updates. I have "Collect Forecast data at Update Interval" set at 30 minutes. The local update and radar image update correctly, but current conditions and 5-day forecast can be 5-9 hours old. When I click on the Select button next to the "View for" box, current conditions and 5-day forecast all go blank. If I then manually select and type the current hour in the "View for" box, current conditions and 5 day forecast return, but to the 5 hour old view.

                  Any ideas what's going on here?


                    Fixed data selection problem reported on Forecast page for data beyond what was collected in database. Also cleaned up the timestamps on the data so they now appear together on the upper left.

                    Staleness of the data is a MSNBC problem and it seems to be a function of the location for which data is collected.


                      I agree that MSNBC can be a little stale
                      But the forecast content for my locale seems to be up to date. I've checked this by going directly to their website and by running a stand-alone Weather_MSNBC.asp from HS. Both show current conditions. But even after clicking on the "Get Forecast Now" button on the Forecast tab of setup, I have 4 hour old weather data. That's down from 15 so maybe things are kinda working??? Just a thought... my "Local Time Offset" is at -3 hours for the midwest. Sound right?

                      BTW, thanks for the update. Clicking on the Select button no longer makes anything disappear. But shouldn't it do something? Like make the date/time box to the left expand into some menu picks or something? And if I enter an earlier known update in the "View for" box, it refreshes to the most recent update, not the time I type into the box.

                      Thanks in advance for your help!


                        The file getWeather.txt contains the data downloaded from MSNBC each time the site is accessed. You may need to set the special debug checkbox to enable it. You can look at this data vs data you received from the other MSNBC script and see what the correlation is.

                        The forecast database is updated whenever the update time field from the MSNBC data changes.

                        The algorithm I used for the Select button is to locate the first record recorded since the time enter in the box. If no record is after that time then the last one recorded is used.