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One-Wire USB Interface

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    One-Wire USB Interface

    I just received my DS9490R from Maxim which is a USB on one end and a RJ11 on the other with a total size a little smaller than a DS9097U. I think it was about $20, but it was so long ago when I ordered it that I cannot remember for certain.

    This should make an excellent solution for the 1-wire interface since no Serial ports will be needed.

    Now onto the task of making it work with mcsTemperature. I will take a shot at implementing it in a manner that will allow an "unlimited" number of these to be installed to provide separation for those who home-run some of the wiring.

    Getting the first instance of the USB interface to work was simply a matter of downloading the Version 4 Beta 3 version of the drivers from V4 Beta 3 Drivers.

    A little code change is still needed to scan for the other non-default interfaces.