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new version is killing my server !

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    new version is killing my server !


    Everything's been running pretty well with mcsTemperature, but I decided to get the latest version from the updater and it's all gone pear shaped.

    When HS loads and gets to the mcsTemperature initialisation, the machine reboots with a MS "Serious Error". I can't really trap the error message becuase it flashes up a kernel message then goes straight into reboot.

    Renaming the .exe bypasses mcsTemperature on HS load and all then seems to go OK except for no Temp, of course.

    Doing a reinstall from updated seemed to fix the problem once, but it's now back.

    I'm aware that there's a few viruses out there that behave like this, but it seems pretty conclusive and repeatable when I disable the plugin.

    Any Ideas ?

    OK, I just overwrote the update version of the .exe with 4.2.0 from the board and it's booted straight up.

    I'm now suspecting a problem with the version in updater, but surprised no one else has noticed this.


      I'm working with TomS on 4.5.x now to get the DS2406 implemented. That would be a good time to refresh the updater. Like you indicated it is unusual that only you have a problem with the Updater's version.