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DS2423 Error (Warning ?) Message

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    DS2423 Error (Warning ?) Message

    Hi McS,

    I've just noticed in my log at start up, I get the following message from the plug in :

    24/08/2003 10:18:54~!~mcsTemperature~!~Sensor 540000000163E21D is known to Temp05 as type DS2423 but known by mcsTemperature as type W

    24/08/2003 10:18:54~!~mcsTemperature~!~Sensor F900000000D7121D is known to Temp05 as type DS2423 but known by mcsTemperature as type R

    24/08/2003 10:18:54~!~mcsTemperature~!~Sensor 4E0000000532DA1D is known to Temp05 as type DS2423 but known by mcsTemperature

    I thought that Wind, Rain and Lightning were are all DS2423 sensors, so what's that about ?

    I'm also having some difficulty getting the lightning sensor to update the Virtual Device (W50). The plug in seems to think it's there, but the device never gets updated, infact it's status is still "unknown" since iot was created. There appears to be some inconsistency in the spelling of "lightning" and "lightening". Could this be the root cause ? (current .ini attached)


    p.s. I haven't forgotten the CID modem project, but I've had huge reliability problems with it and I'm trying to eliminate the causes one by one. Have you had any other feedback on this part of the Audrey plugin ?
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    This message comes as the DIS command to the Temp05 is being processed. The plugin knows how a device is configured based upon the selection made on the Weather Sensors tab. The Temp05 is independently configured when a device is first detected and it asks for a response to tell it which device type it is. It looks as if these two configurations are out of sync. You will need to determine which is configured correctly and change the other. The only common information between the two is the 16 chararacter address. The TYP command or combination of DEL/INI can be used for the Temp05 setup.

    I need to look into lightening. I think you are the only one using it.

    I dont recall any other feedback on the the modem interface of mcsAudrey. I've rebuilt my homeseer drive and have lost hsphone capability on my hawking modem. I may need to revert to using the modem directly to get my CID event and then this will be useful for me.


      Duncan, I see nothing obvious with the Lightening. I'm looking for the string
      "Lightening" from the Temp05. Can you capture the line from the Temp05 so I know what to expect.


        Here you go :

        22:32:04 | Lightning #01[4E0000000532DA1D]=00256

        I think it's a spelung mistook myself


          Duncan Thank you, I change the recognition string and you should be off and running with it.


            The "Lightning" is a spelling error in TEMP05 that I did not catch. I'll fix that in the next spin of software.



              I thing the spelling is Lightning which I think is what the Temp05 is returning.