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    Forecast ASP Page


    A minor format issue. There appears to be a small problem with the Forecast page when using WeatherPlug with averaging for the web data. It looks like you are passing the temperature including the appropriate degree symbol and also providing the symbol during page formatting resulting in a second temp symbol on the "Current Conditions" line. Within the "box" there is also what appears to be a text wrap issue.For wind and Barometer, the text wraps and places the units of measure on the second line and the local conditions on the third. But for the Humidity the % symbol remains on the 1st line and local conditions appear on the second line resulting in a minor alignment problem. Both issue go away when you don't use the averaging of WeatherPlug sites (I average all 3)

    When you get the chance it would be appreciated if you would fix the issues as I can't.


    Not too old to learn