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"CountTemp05Error: Subscript out of range" and "TemperatureReceiveVersion4: Type Mismatch"

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    "CountTemp05Error: Subscript out of range" and "TemperatureReceiveVersion4: Type Mismatch"

    Hi There -

    I'm running 4.10.2 with a Temp05 version 4.22, connected to an AAG weather station and several other temp. sensors. Just installed 4.10.2, after removing the existing database.

    With the previous version (4.8.?) and now 4.10.2, seeing the log errors listed in the subject line. Temperature sensors on the station and elsewhere are working fine, but the wind speed, direction, and gust devices (C34, C33, C35) remain with "unknown" status and "Last Change", even if I delete them and allow the plug-in to recreate.

    In the plug-in, on the "Temp05/Relay05" tab, the "Temp05 Version 5" checkbox is NOT checked, and the "Recent WS1" checkbox is checked (but it doesn't make a difference either way).

    The raw data coming from TEMP05 seems to be good, for temperature and wind, EXCEPT for an error:

    23:07:34 | =====???,29 MPH,29 MPH,204
    23:07:34 | >
    23:07:34 | Temp05 Error= ??? Response
    23:07:35 | Sensor #01[570008001E21E510]=72.50F
    23:07:35 | >
    23:07:37 | Sensor #02[5C0008001E3B4C10]=65.96F
    23:07:37 | >
    23:07:39 | Sensor #03[060008001E303A10]=59.77F
    23:07:39 | >
    23:07:41 | Sensor #04[8F0008001DBD2610]=60.67F
    23:07:41 | >
    23:07:43 | Sensor #05[290008001DC96E10]=59.00F
    23:07:43 | >
    23:07:45 | Sensor #06[140008001DBEEB10]=63.71F
    23:07:45 | >
    23:07:47 | Sensor #07[4A0008001E300210]=61.35F
    23:07:47 | >
    23:07:49 | Sensor #10[9700080008D2B410]=50.00F
    23:07:49 | >

    Is this the/a cause of my problem?

    Thanks much in advance - Steve

    I'll capture your post and play it through the plugin. It easily could be the ??? around the wind readings. Should not be too hard to figure out


      Thanks, Michael!

      Another piece of evidence/info... this shows up in the log at Homeseer startup:

      type = "high_wind"
      Devices/Messages = "13 MPH from"

      and then a minute later:

      type = "high_wind"
      Devices/Messages = "14 MPH from 13"

      (I would cut and paste from the log if I could... :-)

      Also: I've noticed that the "high wind" device always seems pegged at some impossibly high number, like "214".

      thanks again!

      - Steve


        I was starting to paste your data to simulate a Temp05 input, but recognized right away that this data indicates poor 1-wire connection to the Temp05 and the Temp05 is not able to resolve a reading.

        I had similiar problems with the Temp05 and the AAG weather station, but I know most have success with the Temp05 as the interface. I handled it by moving it the DS9097U and dont have any problems there.

        What I also did before moving to the DS9097U was to delete the wind direction sensor DS2450 from the Temp05 lists of sensors that it polls. This is the DEL command followed by the index of this sensor. You get the index from the DIS command and is visible in the Temp05/9x window. When I did this I no longer had wind direction, but it did not interfere with readings for the wind speed counter DS2423.

        What you want to investigate is the bus architecture. The best one is a daisy chain where the sensor are attached directly. If you have branches then this could add reflections that tend to cancel waveforms in unpredictable ways. With the Temp05 you can put a 100 ohm resistor in series with the DQ wire to the sensor. The resistor is attached right at the main line and the branch wire to the sensor is connected to the resistor.

        Use cat5 with only the pair used for 1-wire connected on either end. If you have a long run then you may want to use two solid color wires rather than the normal solid/stripe twisted pair. This has less capacitance which is a killer on long runs.

        You can also add another branch wire pair. Sometimes this will cancel other reflections. This is a last resort very unscientific approach.

        The high wind is strickly within the plugin. The high wind processing is something that was in/out then back in the plugin, but I know it has problems that I never looked into becauase noone seemed to use it. You should be able to reset it from the setup page button on the Devices Tab of the setup page. Let me know if it does not work for you.