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Does MCSControlSystems Trigger If X Days Since Last Rain?

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    Does MCSControlSystems Trigger If X Days Since Last Rain?

    Here in the Sacramento area of California, our four seasons, from a rain standpoint is typically as such . . . Winter is from November through February, Spring is from March through April, Summer is from May through September, and Autumn is in October. For Spring, Summer, and Autumn, I'd run the sprinklers at different frequencies per week depending on the season. My main question is this . . . for Winter, can mcsControlSystems trigger the sprinklers to run if there has been no rain for say at least 7 days? (I use an Oregon Scientific wireless weather staion and feed data into HomeSeer via the VWS plug-in (39 parameters)). If mcsControlSystems is not able to do this, any recommendations you may have would be helpful (I'm not familiar with writting scripts, but can create HS events). Thank you.

    There is a setting on the setup for max days without water. The question that needs to be asked, however, is what constitues sufficient rain to prevent watering. For example, if over this 7 days you have 0.01 inches of rain. Does this mean you do not want a watering cycle?

    You could also do something like setup a 7 day watering interval and use the "enable/disable" virtual device to prevent watering if rain accumulation is a certain level.

    The plugin was basically designed for closed loop control where you either measure or calculate the moisture in the soil and based upon insufficient moisture a zone will be watered. Oregon Scientific does not provide a moisture sensor. Moisture content is calculated by the plugin based upon solar intensity, temperature, wind, and humidity in that rough order of significance as well as a factor for soil drainage. You can make a solar sensor with a closed jar with a temp sensor and the plugin will calculate intensity based upon the temperature inside the jar vs outside. You still need to calibrate it since drainage and light are relative measures that are different for each location.

    The bottom line answer is that it will handle it, but you still need to decided upon the parameters for its operation. I'll work with you, but you need to decide how you want to accomplish the objective.


      Thank you for your reply and offer to help. I sincerely appreciate it. Ideally, I'd prefer to have two to three wireless moisture sensors, but yes, Oregon Scientific doesn't have such an accessory. I'm not inclined to compute moisture because of either needing to set up a makeshift wireless temp probe in a jar, and maybe just irrational apprehention on the miriad of factors that are factored in. So, my thinking is along these lines . . . If "Season" = Spring or Autumn, then run a short watering duration cycle for the nine zones. (Run 2x/week, short duration per zone). If "Season" = Summer, then run a longer watering duration cycle. (For Summer, the turf would be watered 6x/week (may twice a day if daily highs >100), the flower beds would be 4x/week, and the drip system at 3x/week, all with a lonbger duration per zone). If "Season" = Winter, then check if there has been, say, less than xx.x inches of rain (by trial and error, may change from 0.00 to 0.05) during the past week, then run the short watering duration cycle. (BTW, via a different post I posted, I'm asking for help how to get the General Setup selection in the menu to work. When I click on it, nothing happens.) Thank you again for your reply and and help you can offer.


        I wrote this script:
        Sprinkler Script

        That does a lot of what you ask. It reads device values and turns on/off my sprinklers based upon that data.

        I would be more than happy to help customize it to your needs.





          Thanks for replying with the script you wrote. I'm not up to using scrpts though. Seems like it'd take more time than I have available to learn the commands and syntax. But I'll give it a look at.

          By the way, I see you're in Folsom, CA. I'm in Rocklin, off of Sierra College Blvd, on top of the hill.

          Thanks John.