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How to setup MCSTemp and WeatherXML?

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    How to setup MCSTemp and WeatherXML?

    I would like to get MCSTemp working with WeatherXML - My current MCSTemp config is crashing when it goes out to get it's forwecast data... my last good reading was 9/28 - so I setup WeatherXML in hopes of limiting my outbound IE connections. But I am unable to get MCSTemp's forecast to display this data.

    Can you give me a quick 'how-to' The only thing I could see was to click a couple of buttons on...

    WeatherXML is working as the data is coming into my devices correctly, I set up the download version as well, and that 'appears' to be working, although I am unsure where to look for this file.

    Droopyear posted this info recently in this forum. mcsTempeature now spawns off all Internet access into a separate process so it does not become hung up because of the Internet. This applies to both MSNBC and WeatherXML. It is my understanding that the license for WeatherXML requires that a link to be provided when their feed is used. This is something that you will need to do outside of mcsTemperature if you use it.


      I did all that... and I am still not working. I was unsure what settings went where... I.E. do I still have all the ACCID forecast filled out? Because it is still not working... My forecast stopped a while back... and from the loks of the posts here I am not alone. so something changed... I was thinking it was MSNBC weather, hence my WeatherXML install.

      on a side note I am still finding my IE processes hung with a software error all the time and MCS temp not getting data... so the spawned process is not working for me as expected..


        If you are going to use WeatherXML then one of the two checkboxes need to be checked on the Forecast tab. Droopyear provided the instructions for use of it with the WeatherXML script. If you want mcsTemp to download from the site then you need to manually edit the mcsForecast.ini file with the license and a few other fields. The virtual devices that you want to populate need to be identified. The accid code only matters if MSNBC is being used.

        When I test the feed all I do after the mcsForecast.ini file is enable the checkbox to get data from WeatherXML site. No other changes to toggle between the two sources. If you actually look at the MSNBC weather page you will see the logo so the source of data is the same from both. It may be that MSNBC adds another server in the middle so it is not as reliable for some, but for me it does the job.

        I do not run the WeatherXML script so I never tested per Droopyear's instructions. I have obtained the data from to test it, but run with MSNBC normally. I still use the ACCID code for MSNBC. You can also use your zip code in the same field.

        Internally the plugin will read WeatherXML and convert it to compact MSNBC format or read the MSNBC format directly. It will check for any value changes and update the virtual devices that changed and write a database record each time the LastUpdate time in the downloaded record changes.

        mcsTemperature was recently changed to spawn processes to get data from the internet. If the internet hangs then mcsTemperature will not get the data from which an update can be made, but it also will not hang and stop collecting 1-wire and other data.


          Can you point me to droopyear's instructions? I have searched and can't find it, and the docs with WeatherXML say nothing about it..

          I have a xml_to_mcstemp.ini and a weathercom_xml.ini



            never mind... I think I got it... it was a [settings] vs [weatherxml] issue...


              weatherxml not working topic 2. replay


                <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Droopyear:
                _weatherxml not working_ topic 2. replay <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

                this shot was not appreciated.... it was not clear in the other thread what was needed... it took me a few tries to get it right.