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Multiple instances (24) of Getwebfile.exe running

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    Multiple instances (24) of Getwebfile.exe running

    After a few days running 4.28.4 I was having problems login into my server (using XP's remote desktop and at the console).

    I persisted and when I was able to login. I checked my task manager and there were 24 processes called Getwebfile.exe running, although none appeared to be using the CPU. I rebooted (about 12 hrs ago) and so far, none have shown up.

    GetWebFile persists until the data is delivered from the internet. This is likely why you were having problems earlier with mcsTemperature hanging when it was waiting for the internet data. I put a check in to terminate the process after 5 minutes. Hard to test because I dont have the problem. In V4.28.6


      I just upgraded to the latest version and now my log files start filling with the following, starting about 10 minutes after HomeSeer starts, and repeating once a minute:

      10/11/04 7:58:48 PM mcsTemperature GetSpawnedURL on line 220 Object doesnt support this property or method
      10/11/04 7:58:49 PM mcsTemperature GetSpawnedImage on line 160 Object doesnt support this property or method

      I was running 4.26.1 before this upgrade and simply copied the two files from the zip into my HomeSeer directory.


        The object it is complaining about is the Exec object of Wscript. It was introduced to scripting in version 5.6 a few year back. It is available from Microsoft at Scripting Technologies

        Note that the zip file contains files to be unzipped while maintaining the folder structure. The GetWebFile.exe goes into the \Bin\mcsTemperature\ folder path.


          Is that a change from the 4.26.1 version? I'm pretty sure I've got scripting 5.6 installed, but I'll re-install it and this all worked before this last upgrade.


            It is a change in this most recent version. The Exec object provides an easy way to monitior if a spawned process is still running and it also allows it to be terminated.

            I know it works for me and I'm not aware of anything else I had to do to use Exec. I've used it quite a bit in the past within scripts.

            A little test script will test it

            Set oShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
            Set oExec = oShell.Exec ("notepad.exe")