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Some forecast data in WeatherXML file is not being recorded properly

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    Some forecast data in WeatherXML file is not being recorded properly

    I have an event that downloads the WeatherXML file 5 mins after every hour. The one below was processed at 9:48pm on Oct 10th. Note that wherever asked I've set Celcius/Metric units.

    298,10/10/2004 21:48:18,"26","N",10/10/2004 20:00:00,"1|4|6|4|5|10/10/2004|10/11/2004|10/12/2004|10/13/2004|10/14/2004|44|30|32|30|11|53|19|14|22|21|55.4|13|16|16|14|10|0|10| 20|60|29|31|33|29|11|53|14|14|11|11|39.2|37.4|41|44.6|51.8|" ,1300,-1056,-889,-889,-1000,400,300,500,700,1100,1739,7100,100,0,99900,600,900

    All negative values are wrong (Day 2 - Day 5 Maximums), as are 1739 (wind speed; s/b 21) and 100 (barometer, s/b 1022). Other values look right.

    Attached is the weatherxml file. In this example, the day 1 values are N/A and presumably just carried forward from the previous values in the DB.
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    Baro incorrect because of 1,xxx format on input data. I removed the comma. Wind incorrect because conversion done to m/s rather than kph. only first of 5 days max converted. V4.28.6 has these corrections.


      The good news: Baro works

      The bad news: Wind Speed and Day 2 - Day 5 max don't.

      DB record:

      331,12/10/2004 10:32:54,"26","NW",10/12/2004 9:00:00,"6|4|5|6|7|10/12/2004|10/13/2004|10/14/2004|10/15/2004|10/16/2004|32|34|11|11|11|53|19|14|22|21|60.8|18|15|17|12|0|10|40| 40|40|31|29|11|27|11|53|14|14|11|11|37.4|44.6|53.6|44.6|41|" ,1600,-778,-944,-833,-1111,300,700,1200,700,500,1611,8700,101420,0,99900,400,700

      Wind Speed = 1611 s/b 14?
      Day 2 - Day 5 are still wrong (negative) values carried forward from the entry before my update to WSript 5.6 and mcsTemp 4.28.6

      XML file "current conditions" excerpt

      - <cc>
      <lsup>10/12/04 9:00 AM Local Time</lsup>
      <obst>Ottawa, Canada</obst>
      - <bar>
      - <wind>
      - <uv>

      Complete XML file attached
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        Give V4.28.7 a try. Note that .xml files are not downloadable. zip or txt will work.


          the good news: all forecast data is now being read into devices & db as per WeatherXML file.

          the bad news: the following error msg now comes up in my log file at HS startup

          12/10/2004 2:29:36 PM~!~mcsTemperature~!~ TemperatureReceiveVersion5: on line 680 Type mismatch


            The only type mismatch looks to be from the Sensor ID from the Temp08. Take a look at the I/O stream window to confirm the data is being delivered with ID, serial number, and value in a reasonable format.

            I can avoid the error, but I think it points to another problem rather than the reported error iteself.


              looks like it was a sensor reading problem that ended up happening - twice in a row - but it has not happened since.