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Updating Forecast: line 230 type mismatch

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    Updating Forecast: line 230 type mismatch

    Noticed the following in HS log this morning:

    UpdateForecastDevices 4 on line 230 Type mismatch

    A look back through the logfile shows this has been happening intermittently since at least last October when I was running version 4.28.4. Am now running version 4.30.0

    Also: Forecast Barometric Pressure shows imperial "mbar" in device status despite being set to metric ("kilopascals") and showing the metric value. A small thing along the way, but would use of metric be part of this problem?
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    The two scales of which I was aware are millibars for metric and inHg for english. Is the value displayed kilopascals but labeled millibars or is the value in millibars are you are expecting kilopascals?

    I did see a reason for the type mismatch and it will be posted with the next update.


      The device value says "mbar" and I was expecting kilopascals. After looking at the numbers between (which displays mbar) and (which displays kPa), I found 1 millibar = 0.1 kilopascals. I didn't realize mbar was a metric unit, and that explains why the digits were right for kPa

      I couldn't find the reasoning for using one over the other, but in Canada all weather reports talk of pressure in kilopascals. Perhaps it's a European influence.

      Like I said, though, not a big deal.