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Device code changed when adding a sensor

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    Device code changed when adding a sensor

    Now that we have fast updating in the MCS temp, i decided to add a new sensor to my system. it, like my one other test sensor is a dallas 1 wire DS18B20. here is the procedure I used to get it set up and then what happened.

    my original 1 wire sensor shows up as HS device code R1 and works great.

    1] first step to add a sensor is I disable the MCStemp plugin and restart homeseer

    2] enable the Garyga plugin, wire in the sensor and restart Homeseer

    the 2 steps above are done because the Garyga plug allows me to program the resolution of the sensor. the DS18B20 goes up to 12 bit resolution but can take upwards of 2-3 seconds per temp conversion to complete.. for HVAC apps, .5 degree C is enough resolution and takes up to 1/2 sec per cnversion. SInce garyga has this built into his plug I use its function.

    3] after the sensor resolution is set I disable garyga plugin and restart HS

    4] I re-enable MCStemp and restart Homeseer

    5] my new sensor now becomes R1 and my old sensor now becomes R2.. Arggh!!

    I tried changing the device codes of the 2 devices of course the values folow the device code so that didnt work..

    I had to change a bunch of scripts to use the new codes..

    so my question is..

    1] is there an easier way to do this? other than using garyga plugin?

    2] is this always gonna happen because the new sensor may be addressed wit ha lower address number on the 1 wire bus than other sensor?

    PerfecTemp - the Most advanced HVAC system I've ever Built - and its in my House

    I added the conversion resolution to V4.31.0. You need to do a manual edit of the ini file before Homeseer startup to specify the desired resolution. It will be in the [Devices] group and the 5th entry on the sensor's line. An index into the sensor's resolution table is specififed here with 0 = full resolution. For the DS18B20 the sensor supports 4 resolutions

    3 = 0.5
    2 = 0.25
    1 = 0.125
    0 = 0.006

    Other Temperature family sensors may be different. If an invalid index is tried then the sensor will not be changed and the valid range supported by the device will be placed in the HS log.

    For example to set sensor to 0.5 resolution on conversion.

    Note that the ]17 in this case is the Homeseer device code for the device. This code will also show up as the key in the [Database] section to identify the database field for this sensor.

    You should be able to change the DC to sensor to Database relationships from the setup GUI. The DC and Database field names are both editable from the Analog or Discrete tabs.


      where can i find this new version? things have really screwed up and im getting all kinds of wierd readings from my 2 sensors...

      is it possible to run sensors on a ds9097u and supply power so im not using parasitic power?
      PerfecTemp - the Most advanced HVAC system I've ever Built - and its in my House


        The latest plugin version is a sticky at or near the top of the mcsTemperature forum. The DS9097U, nor the plugin care about how you provide power to the sensors. The direct power will be from a wallwart and not via the DS9097U. If you plan on adding humidity, then be aware the power level for it will likely be different than the power level for the temperature sensors so budget your wires and connectors appropriately. Use of other wires in the same bundle as the DQ/Gnd could have a negative impact on signal quality so have a backup plan in mind just in case.


          The latest plugin version is a sticky at or near the top of the mcsTemperature forum.

          Ok, its been a long day, but I cant find it.



            Attachment at very top of thread


              The ds1920 (ds18s20) only first read can use resolution lower 0.5 C after set back +-0.5 temp res

              03:31:43 | Port=<COM5> Address=D400080038F05710 Family=DS1920 Temperature=23.125
              03:31:43 | Port=<COM5> Address=6C000001C8ADC209 Family=DS1982
              03:31:44 | Port=<COM5> Address=13000000053A371D Family=DS2423 Counter=10133
              03:32:46 | Port=<COM5> Address=D400080038F05710 Family=DS1920 Temperature=23
              03:32:46 | Port=<COM5> Address=6C000001C8ADC209 Family=DS1982
              03:32:46 | Port=<COM5> Address=13000000053A371D Family=DS2423 Counter=10133


                I set the resolution on the first read after a setup page update and on startup. I assumed that it would remember the setting until changed explicitly. This is based upon CadillacKid setting it once. I can set it every time, but it is a transaction that seems like it should not be necessary.

                Please confirm what you are seeing. From your log it looks as if the resolution is set to a relatively high precision. Are you trying to set it to 0.5 (index = 3), but more precise reading are being delivered? Could it be that the value returned may be several digits, yet actual conversion is done to only 1 and the left over bits to the right are "random"?


                  i set to high precision (index=0) and i can first data Celsius, but second and more only xx.0 or xx.5 Celsius


                    Unless you are sending a factory default to the sensor it should hold its settings.. I do believe there is a command to save those settings to the sensors.. or a way to change the precision for just 1 conversion.. from your log there it looked normal.. 13.125 went to 13. which in effect is 13.000

                    I will try adding a new sensor today and set the precision using the MCStemp plug rather than the garyga as ive done in the past.

                    the DS18B20 is shipped in 12 bit resolution mode and i used the other program to set it to .5 and thus far its held the precision. I havent looked at the 1 wire commandspec for a while on what bytes to send it to make the program permanent.. but as i recall you had to issue a save command to the sensor.

                    setting the precision more than once would likely slow down the bus a lot.. and im all about speed for my Furnace Application.

                    PerfecTemp - the Most advanced HVAC system I've ever Built - and its in my House


                      I dnloaded ds18s20/ds18b20 technical ref from dalsemi
                      the ds18s20 only 9 bit precision (+- .5C), the ds18b20 scalable 9 to 12 dit precision (+- .0625- .5C)


                        18S20 Accuracy


                        the 18S20 is really encoding temperatures in 9 bits. But you can calculate a better precision vith the following formula, documented in the dalsemi site :

                        COUNT_PER_C - CONT_REMAIN
                        temp = temp_read - 0.25 + ---------------------------------------
                        Hope this helps,