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Crash during Homeseer Shutdown

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    Crash during Homeseer Shutdown

    I have developed a problem ever since i put the latest version of MCStemp on my machine.

    it isnt a running problem, but a problem If i need to shutdown my Homeseer for any reason, which right now is a lot since im still building it..

    ill shutdown homeseer and it will start to shutdown but the HSPI_mcs temp plugin will suddenly hog up 99% CPU usage and bring the whole system to its knees, usually resulting in not even being able to kill the process via task manager.

    if i need to shutdown Homeseer I first have to go to task manager and Kill the process for MCS temp and then shutdown Homeseer...

    there is very little CPU usage while the system is running, its only an issue when i go to shut down Homeseer
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    My best guess is that with your frequent polling you are likely to shutdown while the software has relenquished control to the 1-wire drivers and when the drivers are done the chain of control has been disturb. What I did with the attached is put a 15 second timeout during shutdown that comes into play if shuddown is commanded while polling with DS9097U. This should hold up Homeseer from shutting down and allow the polling cycle to come to normal completion.

    One of my reasons for going to the distributed/xap implementation is because of all the HS restarts which stop everyting and then need to wait for it all to initialize again on startup. I understand that with HS 2.0 it will be possible to individually shutdown and startup plugins.
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      Don't worry about it, I have it most times I shut down HS.

      I always put it down to the prog does not expect to be shut down.

      It always starts fine again, except it does not give any time for you to cancel the"Time Has Passed" bit, in fact I cannot even get the cursor onto cancel before it activated.
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