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    Looking for simple setup help

    I've downloaded the plugin and started looking at the setup, and boy is it "feature rich". I'm having trouble just starting. Any help understanding a simple setup would be appreciated.

    I have temp and humidity sensors on my ocelot and have them being read into device variables. What is the simplest setup to get these into the plugin and display a trend graph? I've done some searching and reading of docs; however, there's just too many options

    It has been awhile since I looked at the manual, but I think there is a quick start section in it. The following is the basic approach, but I'll likely miss something

    1. Interface Tab, select a database update interval such as 5 minutes and the corresponding checkbox
    2. Analog Tab, enter virtual device codes for a sensor on each of two lines. Change the sensor type pulldown for the humidity sensor
    3. Review the Database tab to confirm an acceptable database location is selected.
    4. Update button on setup page
    5. Menu bar Groups selection to bring up a browser page
    6. Put checkboxes in the two columns for your two sensors, change the name in the text box at the top from default to something of your choosing, click the update button
    7. Wait for a few update cycles of data to be collected in the database
    8. Menu bar Trend chart and select the group you defined in step 6.