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    Plugin Transfer


    I have transferred my homeseer application to my new PC which will not be internet ready for a while yet. Is there a way to d/l (and buy) the MCSTemperature plugin on my laptop(internet dial up) and then transfer via Memory stick to the new PC??



    You should be able to download the plugin on your new pc after its finished. Then transfer the files to the new pc replacing existing files and then simply use your license code to activate the plugin again.


      HST store pluigns are normally downloaded with the updater and the downloaded file is stored in the \Updates folder in a subfolder by the plugin name and a zip file within that subfolder like "". There is also a file called updates.txt located in the root \Homeseer folder as well as a updater.exe.

      Copy updater.exe, updates.txt and the .zip file to your memory stick from your old computer. Put them in \Homeseer in your new computer. Go to a command prompt and set your directory to the Homeseer folder. For example

      cd c:\Program Files\Homeseer

      Issue the command at the prompt

      Updater /t1 /t2

      The updater will run and select the plugin you want to install. You can do this for any plugin that you have on your old computer. The "Includes" set of files from the updater is one I often use and you may want to bring that over in the same manner.

      The Updates.txt file contains the specific .zip file names that it will be installing. Make certain the version indicated in the Updates.txt is the same as the version that you copied over.

      In mcsTemperature case, after the new install, then the file from the message board that has the most current update can be transfered in the same way. All that is needed to update the basic install is simply to unzip the file into the \Homeseer folder while maintaining the folder structure.