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Yes, The TEMP08 will report the counter as Lightning counts. The DS9097U knows a counter as Rainfall, Windspeed, or Waterflow. Rainfall is 0.01" per count, Waterflow is 1 gallon per count. Windspeed is a little more complex. I think you can also declare the device as a "User" type and then define the label you want to use for charting on the setup. Perhaps something like kwh. One way or another we will get it to work.

Hi Michael.

It works, I'm measuring my home electricity usage!!!! Let's mcsTemperature show it properly!!

I would like to read the counter and store it periodically in some fields in the database to make is easy to extract and draw: one field into the database each minute, another field each 5 minutes, another one each hour, and another one each day.

Later I would like to be able to write some scripts to clean the database and mantain the 1 minute readings for 72 hours, the 5 minutes for 30 days, the 1 hour readings for 365 days, and daily data forever.

Whats the best way to do it? Is there any way I can read the counter directly via script each minute?


Message edit after some investigation with mcsTemperature:

In the mcstemperature.ini there where the following devices:

I changed it to:


But still can't get the counter value.

Attached is what I can see. Please note it's of type lighting but units are liter/hr (looks like the plugin isn't reseting and completly updating the device type after changing).
Also... are normal so many errors?


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