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MCStemp using device code already in use

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    MCStemp using device code already in use

    How do I change what device codes that it is trying to use. XAP conduit is already usinh \, but mcstemp has grabbed it and I am getting several errors with it trying to set the device. It has actually deleted one of them that was being used for humidity.

    mcsTemp looks through all the HS device's interface property and latches onto any for which this property is recorded as mcsTemperature. When it needs a new house code then it asks HS for the next available one.

    I suspect what may be happening is the xapPlugin does not record it's devices by using the interface property so when the next plugin ask for a house code HS will use the same one given to xapPlugin since the plugin apparently did not use the one it was allocated. This is just a guess to explain the situation.

    I have a utility I wrote to manage the Interface Property. It is posted somewhere on the board. I'll post it again. It will show which plugins are using which house codes and allows a wholesale change.

    If my above theory is not correct then you can delete all of the devices used by mcsTemperature for the overlapped House Code. Restart HS.
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