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    Log data to excel


    I would like to log my temp and humidity data to an excel file on a 5 minute interval.

    This data is ued for a web page that is created with excel as well as referance for past performance.

    Any ideas or suggestions as to how I handle this.


    You can do this by using the Excel Application object. Here's the reference.

    You can also write to a delimited file and import it into excel. That would be a bit easier.


      If you want it in native .xls format then Excel vba macro can be used to query the database to add new lines each time the excel file is opened. A similar function could be done with a script that references the Excel COM object and the data file, but this may have a conflict if the web page and script try to use the same file at the same time.

      It is very easy to link Access database to a file so as the file is updated the database sees the update. I'm not an excel wiz, but I do not think you can go the other direction and Excel data can only be imported rather than linked.


        I posted a script to read a value in this thread:


          what about the db

          Hi again.

          Lots of good info. The learning curve is looking good.

          My question is about the db access. Will I confilct with the hs system if I access the db while it is running and potentialy reading from it while the hs system needs it.

          I know database programs are very picky about access and locking tables and such (lots of bitter experiance).