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re-install issue

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    re-install issue

    I recently had to re-install HS and am trying to get mcsTemp working again . . . my HVAC is all controlled by ADI stuff, and I'm trying to get the zone pump status to show in the line charts . . . (this was working on the previous install, but I don't know where I'm going wrong this time)

    I noticed the new install has a /data/mcsTemperature/ folder (the old install didn't) but it's empty, the mcsTemperature.mdb is in the HS folder ? ? ?

    attached .ini and .mdb files in case . . .

    appreciate any help . . .


    Pete C

    No attachements here. The default folder for the database is created with the intention of the database being placed there, but there is still a legacy to support so the default (no path included) database name cannot default to this desired location.

    In earlier verisons of the plugin it was a script or mcsMovement that recorded dirscrete virtual devices to the database. In 4.33.0 I added logic so a device status change would write discrete changes to the database.


      I have mcsTemp 4.30.2 ? just installed off the HS updater ?

      (just got 4.36.1 from the mcsTemp update/problem sticky post)

      here's those files . . .

      so I don't need to use mcsMovement w/ the latest mcsTemp to get discretes?
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        I believe that discretes are self contained with mcsTempeature now. If I recall each status change of the discrete will write a record to the database. I dont remember if the ocelot value changes also generate a status change. It seems like with ADIOcelot they do both status and value change, but this is from memory.