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How To Select 4 Weather Conditions For Trigger

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    How To Select 4 Weather Conditions For Trigger

    Am looking for help on how to create an event to set a virtual device to "on" if any of the following conditions are true:
    If wind gust device \8 has a value of 15 or greater, or
    if solar radiation device \27 is less than 300, or
    if rain in the past hour device \17 is greater than 0, or
    if forecast rain today (1 day) device _27 is greater than 0,
    then set virtual device to "on"

    Any suggestions on what to enter in the different tabs for the event properties?

    mcsTemperature is not setup to handle that many OR conditions within a single trigger, but multiple events can be defined with the same device action of turning on your device.

    The SuperTrigger plugin may be able to handle it with a single event. I'm aware of the plugin, but not intimate with its capabilities.

    On option is to use the generic device value trigger within Homeseer to trigger when a device value is below or above a threshold. mcsTemperature device values are scaled by 100 so you will want to set your wind gust threshold to 1500 in this case. I think the annoyance you will run into here is that the event will continue to be triggered for any value above 15 mph so a trigger will occur at 16 mph then again at 17 mph and again at 16 mph, etc. This may or may not be an issue with you.

    The mcsTemperture trigger can be be used and you could do it with four events. In this case you will use the goes above or below lmit options and enter the threshold in the appropriate limit box. In this case the wind gust limit will be entered as 15 since this trigger uses the device string to gets its information.

    A third option is to use a single event that is triggered periodically at a rate about twice as fast as you are collecting the sensor data. In the script you will perform the evalution and set the device.