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unable to read or speak temps properly

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    unable to read or speak temps properly


    I am using mcsTemp to get dallas 1-wire temps and all was well until a couple of days ago. The data collection is fine however when I want to speak a temperature it is using data that is a couple of days old and dose not change.

    07:52:35 | Port=COM6 Address=3C000800BF30C810 Family=DS1920 Temperature=17.5 is the current data and is good.

    hs.speak"Unit r 3 crawl space"& (hs.deviceValue("r3")) &"degrees."

    unit speaks a temp of 22 degrees c and shows a device value of the same if I do a message box to check the value.

    The values shown on the devices page are correct (i.e. 17.5 as in this example).

    This is the same problem for all 16 readings however the values are whatever they were a couple of days ago.

    I also aquire data from a Davis VP weather station and that works fine.

    Any ideas

    Do you have any other scripts that may be using and changing the DeviceValue? I search the code and virtually every time I update a device I use a code segment that looks like the following. This means that the String and Value should always be in sync

    440 If hs.DeviceString(device) <> sString Then
    450 hs.SetDeviceString device, sString
    460 hs.SetDeviceValue device, CLng(Temperature)
    470 hs.SetDeviceLastChange device, Now()
    480 End If

    I looked at the callacks and the SETIO and did not see anything in there either. You could try with the debug enabled to see if anything unusual shows in the log. I really dont have any good ideas.



      I am still working on the problem and have notced that I am getting this error code
      CommitDeviceStatus: Subscript out of range
      What is it and how do I track it down.


        It is a message from within the bowels of Homeseer. I suspect the only way to get HST attention on this is via a Ticket to the help desk. DeviceValues are a little tricky because they generate calls to all the plugins to see any plugin wants to do anything about it. There is another technique from within a plugin to inform HS of a value change that will not generate the call to all plugins. I could try it, but mcsTemperature has been around quite awhile and noone else is reporting this type of problem.


          more follow up

          Still no solution however I can trigger events as normal and if I use the string value insead of the device value I get the proper string value as in 14.5c and is read out as foruteen five.

          The more I work on this the more I am sure there is a simple answer. And I am leaning toward the fact that I upgraded to ver 1.7.43 as being part of the problem.