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HS2.0 mcsTemperature feedback

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    HS2.0 mcsTemperature feedback

    What's this message?
    BTW, I haven't setup the plugin totally yet.

    5/24/2005 8:17:31 PM mcsTemperature Data sample discarded because database schema is being adjusted

    It means the Temp05/08 or DS9097U/DS9490 delivered data to the plugin, but the plugin was not yet ready to accept it because it was creating the database tables at the time it was received.


      Now that mcsSprinklers for HS2.0 is smoothing out, I have reenabled mcsTemp plugin. I am continuing to get this message:

      Data sample discarded because database schema is being adjusted

      every 10 minutes or so, all day. My initial thinking is to start from scratch and install from zero and go from there.

      This is on latest 2.0 build.


        This means that it tried to create a field, rename one, etc and the operation never completed so when it came time to write data it was locked out. Lots of situations where database tables and fields are managed. If there is no message at the start of the execution then it may be easiest to rename the database which is normally mcsTemperature.mdb and let it regenerate it from scratch during a startup.


          I modified the mcsSprinklers.asp that now works for HS2.0 latest beta to work with mcsTemperature:

          PHP Code:
          <% Response.Write hs.Getplugins("mcsTemperature").TemperatureASP(requestresponse) %> 
          page now loads. Hope I got it right.

          I don't see a configuration button on the HS webpage. How to launch with HS2.0? When clicking on mcsTemperature in the HS menu, it locks up HS. I am sure that when I shut down HS using task manager, it will be sitting there...
          Well, by playing with Alt Tab and shutting down windows, I got to the config screen. Next step...
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            Using latest HS2.0beta and latest mcsTemp version:
            Now in startup log:

            7/5/2005 10:10:13 PM - mcsTemperature - hsDeviceExists _64 on line 30 Overflow

            I don't see a device _64 in the Status screen. Not shown anywhere in the mcsTemp config screen either.



              Device 64 on each mcsTemperature house code is a hidden device that is created to assure that the housecode remains with mcsTemperature.

              The error message generated is from the function shown below where the Homeseer 2 function DeviceExistsRef is declared as a 32 bit entity. It looks as if Homeseer 2 is returning more than 32 bits.

              The device 64 is not essential itself as long as at least one device exists in a housecode, but the problem should show up every time a new device is created since the same function is used.

              PHP Code:
              Public Function hsDeviceExists(sDC As String) As Long
              10        On Error 
              GoTo Error_Exit

              If HS2 Then
              30            hsDeviceExists 
              40        Else
              50            hsDeviceExists CLng(hs.DeviceExists(sDC))
              60        End If
              70        Exit Function
              80        hsWritelog PLUGIN_NAME"hsDeviceExists " sDC
              90        Resume Normal_Exit