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Forecast Not Working

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    Forecast Not Working

    I downloaded the updater version the other day and all of my 1 Wire Temp stuff is working great. The forecast functionality has not updated since 4 days ago when I installed and manually ran the forecast update from the button.

    On the General tab I have Forecast set to 20 miuntes with 3 retries every minute.

    On the Forecast tab I do Not have any XML or weatherbuddy stuff checked.

    Any ideas?

    Gettng data updates from MSNBC has been a problem in the past for some. The retry was put in specifically for Droppyear because of a poor internet connection. I would suggest not using it because he now, nor anyone else of which I'm aware uses the retry.

    Look at the revision log at the top of the thread to see if there were any changes related to forecast since the version you are running. Even if there are not you will need to get closer to the current version so support is efficient.

    If you contact per the instructions in the WeatherXML script that is available for download then you can put the license info in the mcsForecast.ini and that becomes your source rather than MSNBC. You do not need to run the WeatherXML script as this will be accessed directly by mcsTemperature, but you can if you want and mcsTemperature will use the file that the script deposits. WeatherXML license if free, but with some use restrictions.


      Ok, I have downloaded and installed the latest version attached to the board. I do have the XMLWeather with a license code but I do not see anywhere in the forecast.ini for the license info.

      This is from the XML ini file

      Do I just paste this directly in the forecast.ini?


        Pretty close to that. It needs the section title. Look at this thread
        Droppyear is the expert on this configuration. He wrote the code to translate form weatherxml to msnbc format