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Error: Setup Load on line 5170 Invalid property value

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    Error: Setup Load on line 5170 Invalid property value

    Hi Michael,

    Hate to do this but I have another error, but this time it comes after I activated the "delimited file option". I have the temp08 activated as well as now ticking the delimted file option to import readings from my weather station.

    I have setup all the required files, being the delimited file with the readings as well as file format file.

    All the new readings and database fields get created OK and update the devices OK, but then things go down hill from here.

    My DS2405 disappears from the Discrete tab ( although it is still listed in the config file ) and my DS2438 votage sensor vanishes from the user/misc tab ( again it still exist in the config file ) and I see an error of " Setup Load on line 5170 Invalid property value" .

    If I manually remove the two csv file entrys and the new devices from the mcstemp.ini file then the problem disappears, but so does all the new information.

    I have attached the HS log as well as the mcstemp.ini file.

    Can you tell me what this problem is.
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    There are 4 user sensor types and the become available when the user labels are defined. If these labels are not defined the the sensor type is not valid. I'm guessing that you have a user type in your csv file. I changed the plugin to accept these user types even when no labels are defined. This is in 4.38.8. If this does not correlate to your situation then post the csv definition file that you are using.


      Hi Michael,

      Well you were spot on again. That change fixed the issue.
      MCStemp is now doing everything I need.

      I appreciate all the support you provided to resolve these issues, and the speed you have made the changes.

      Its been outstanding support all around.