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Eithernet to one wire host adapter

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    Eithernet to one wire host adapter

    Will your interface support this adpater ?

    I like the idea of an IP-connected interface such as this or the TINI. I looked at the documentation on the HA7Net and was surprised at how low level the interface is. In essence it is just like writing to the device registers but rather than a direct serial interface it is an HTTP interface with their unique set of HTML form keys wrapped around the low level bit streams.

    None of my 1-wire software supports it and I do not see myself tyring to use their unique protocol for this interface


      I am looking for an xAP ethernet 1-wire adapter as well. Since there is no native xAP 1-wire adapters would be the temp0X and a lantronix adapter be the next logical solution? It seems like the Temp08 support fewer devices than the standard DS9097 units. IS there an advatage of the temp0X over a DS9097?


        The DS9097U is a dumb interface so the PC software needs to work at the 1-wire device level rather than at an application level. This means there is more traffic over the serial port and some additional processing needed to support the DS9097U.

        The physical interface is a little different between the Temp08 and the DS9097U. Neither is better, but one suites some situations better than the other. I have some locations that work with only one of the interfaces.

        The Temp08 will support independent data logging so a PC is not needed, but for most HA applications this capability is not utilized.

        The Temp08 is a little more difficult to setup and dynamically change the sensors. Once I got a set of about 10 sensors working with it I did not change it after that because of the difficulty in getting it to recognize the set. It is similiar in concept between writing CMAX code for the ocelot vs scripts on the PC. It is just easier to work with the PC that with the ocelot.

        I tend to use the DS9097U more because of the flexibility. The additional overhead is hardly noticable unless you try to run the polling cycle every few seconds. With the Temp08 the fastest cycle is 60 seconds.

        The Lantronix source code is available and for a die-hard hacker the 1-wire software interface could be implemented within it. If one was a strong C programmer then it would not be too difficult to do what the HA7Net did with a very low level interface. There may not be enough memory to do a higher level one and if it was done then the same problems of accomodating new devices would be a shortcoming.