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Can get mcsTemperature events to trigger

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    Can get mcsTemperature events to trigger

    I am currently using HS version 2.0.1972.0 and mcsTemperature version
    All registered and working.

    I have been using mcsTemperature with Homeseer 1.7 everything worked fine, but ever since I moved to version 2, the events will not trigger.

    Events work normally for all other groups, just mcsTemperature does not work.

    As far is I can tell there are no error messages in the event viewer.

    One other thing is that the layout of the events are not (nicely) boxed anymore, as in the older HS version.

    Any ideas?

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    You have got images for Trigger and DeviceAction. I have not looked at the trigger recently, but quite abit has been done with the DeviceAction with success. There is a thread or two about DeviceAction in this subforum and about the new device that is now created to allow monitoring and control of the continuous device actions.

    I can look at the trigger when I get back next week, but otherwise I do not have any specific suggestions.

    I agree that the layout of the screen has lost some of its appeal. I just chalked it up to limitations of how HST converted the GUI to a Browser layout. The formatting information provided by the plugin has not changed, but it looks as if HS2 ignores the x/y coordinate formatting controls.