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    Stops recording data

    I am running HS version and MCS Temperature on Windows XP home version.

    Recently MCS temperature has begun to randomly stop recording data to the datebase (I Think). When I display the graph, all the lines stop at the same time, however, forcast line keeps going. If I restart the computer (or just homeseer) it usually picks up again (however there is no information for the time it was not working). Today, I started the debug before restarting and I got no new data in the graph. I stopped the debug and the data began to show. I gather temperature data from temp sensors connected to an Secu 16 via an Ocelot and one-wire devices via a Temp 08. These devices show data in Homeseer and the MCS so I don't think they are the probelm.
    I cannot recall any changes coinciding with the onset of the problem.

    Can you suggest where to start looking?

    Thanks, Gardner Yeaw

    When a Temp08 is connected then the database write cycle is the same as the Temp sensor #1 reading from the Temp08. There is backup logic that will continue to write to the DB if Temp08 stops delivering.

    Simply changing the debug flag should have no specific relationship to restarting the recording since it do not change the logic thread, but only adds output to the log. It may of been just the Update of the setup page because that resets many things.

    There is debug logic with both the Sensor #1 and with the Database storage. While it is ugly to collects volumes of data, I really have no better idea that simply enabling the debug and waiting for the situation to occur again.


      I think I may have found the probelm. The power supply connection to my Temp08 was loose. It seems when the Temp08 shut down, all recording stopped (except for the data from the web). It is difficult to describe, but my HS PC and all connections are in a temporary location and disturbing the connection is easy to do. That is probably why I didn't notice the Temp08 outage, since it probably started working when I sat down at the computer. I am not sure why the Secu16 inputs stopped being saved, but as long as I have it working all is well.
      Thanks for your response.