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    RGB Colors in Group Edit

    I'm having a problem with the colors not staying as defined in the temperature.asp group edit page.

    Let's say I've defined the following four sensors:

    Attic - Red (FF0000)
    Upstairs - Green (00FF00)
    Downstairs - Blue (0000FF)
    Outside - Black (000000)

    When I have all four selected, they display with the defined colors.

    If I deselect Attic from the charting, I get the following colors:

    Upstairs - Red
    Downstairs - Green
    Outside - Blue

    If I also deselect Upstairs, I get:

    Downstairs - Red
    Outside - Green

    In other words, the colors shift as sensors are deselected from charting.

    It's not a big deal, but it would be easier to analyze the charts after you become used to the colors (if they would stay as defined).

    Thanks for an incredibly useful Plugin!


    Should be fixed in V4.40.14 posted at the top. I will also be submitting to the updater so it can be obtained from their as well