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Virtual low and high limit devices

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    Are you going to do the timed event handling in script?

    What are you using for your flash user interface? Is is home-grown or a commercial package?

    I have used the US equivalent of the CM-67 and it works good except for the programming which requires use of the users manual each time to figure out how to do it.

    I now have the HAI-80 primarily because of the difficult programmabilty of the Honeywell one.

    The modern digital thermostats of which I'm familiar will modulate the control to give the walls time to absorb the heat and reduce the chance of overshoot in the control.

    My Honeywell unit was rather smart and only modulated the heat control when it became close to the target and then it changed the frequency of modulation. The HAI-80 just modulates continuously. I suspect that the Honeywell is actually more efficient and may be easier on the furnace as well.

    When I started down the mcsControlSystems road a few years back I was going down the path of a PID controller that took into account the room heating characteristcs and the external influence of sunlight. It would learn the room heat transfer characteristics based upon outside temp and furnace energy to calibrate the PID gains and model the sunlight as an external disturbance. My interest disipated and I probably will never get back to it since I do not have a good use that justifies the effort.

    If you have any interest in xAP then you can get a nice control chart that shows control to limits and cumulative ON time for the control. It makes it easy to see how well the control is working and any overshoot that may exist. It may be too much effort for you to setup, but just mentioning it. I do not plan to retrofit this type of chart into mcsTemperature. I posted one version at


      This only idea.
      I think: use maybe Database Utilities 1.x (McSharry)
      The thermostat demo picture from Carrier web (java) based thermostat
      maybe i convert this from java to flash


        The user interface on how to enter the desired set point schedule was something I was never able to conceptualize when doing mcsControlSystems. This seems like a pretty good one withh the only downside is that it is not continuous, but quantized into four periods per day.


          My HVAC system dont work anyone thermostat. The 1st floor using hot water pipe heating, very slow 1-1.5 hours reaction-time after boyler start. Last 2 years use mcstemp log and watch the overshot, and now the 1st floor temperature can setting +- 0.5 Celsius.
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            My event:
            Turn ON t1: Nappali Nappali-Thermo[1: Nappali Homero is Below 0+hs.DeviceString("\38") - (hs.DeviceStatus("V11") mod 2) * 2, Turn OFF t1: Nappali Nappali-Thermo[1: Nappali Homero is Above 0+hs.DeviceString("\39")
            DoAction: on line 150 Type mismatch: [string: ""]
            ControlValue on line 50 Type mismatch: [string: ""]


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                Very cute picture. Expecially like the backup engine.

                Are your \38 and \39 Temperature devices or is there DevcieString populated by some other source?


                  The reported error is with the contents of your DeviceString for the Lower Limit. I suspected this contains non-numerics such as formatted HTML. You may want to use the DeviceValue if it contains the desired value rather than DeviceString.

                  The upper limit is 0+hs.DeviceString("\39"). It would be safer to simply use \39. Since it is not an expression mcsTemperature will get the contents from the DeviceString and strip out all the non-numeric formatting before using it. It will guaranteed to be a number in this case. When it is put in the form or an expression then every element of the expression needs to be number in its own right.


                    Another thing I was thinking is to expose the method used to strip the HTML. That way you could do something like


                    Let me know if this is what you need


                      I think the devicevalue is 1st, 2nd,... selected the control
                      my setting 20-24 delta .5
                      devicevalue 0>>devicestring 20
                      devicevalue 1>>devicestring 20.5


                        Is your device \38 one that was created as a Theromstat device by mcsTemperature? What value is showing for it in the status column displayed by Homeseer? Note that you are using two devices \39 for upper and \38 for lower.

                        I tried it here with a thermostat device with 0.5 increments and it dealt with the decimal part of it without complaining. It does look as if \38 has something other than numbers in the string.