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2 DS9097u same PC? with MCS temp?

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    2 DS9097u same PC? with MCS temp?

    is it possible to run 2 DS9097u on the same PC and use MCStemp to read the values? 1 DS9097 has 1 sensor on it for fast readings.. the other has 8 sensors on it.. id like to continue to read the values of the single sensor once per second as I do now with XAP. and then poll the seonc set once per minute as they arent real important to be fast.

    currently i have 1 DS9097 on my homeseer PC, and the other on my server 2003 and communicate through xap. trouble is im upgrading my S2k3 to the new x64 edition and the dallas 1 wire drivers wont run on the x64 version of windows... so far everything else is good .. my memory usage is a bit higher but my CPU usage is way down... and thats running 4 term serv sessions using ML and my internet broadcaster.. and im stil at 20% cpu.. whereas my current box is at 80%.

    is what I want possible with MCStemp? I have a license for it but never used it.. this is on a 1.7.44 box.. ive not worked up to HS2 production yet.. if it is possible how would I go about installing the drivers for 2 DS9097 and programming MCStemp for it.
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    mcsTemperature and xapmcs1Wire use the same core software to process the one-wire data. Both of these are able to support multiple DS9097U adapters. When entering the desired sample rates then comma-separate the values in the same order that the adapters are listed. Use the Poll for adapter button to itemize the connected adapters. The general setup information is covered pretty well in the manual.